What's everyones' thoughts on Brawl+

Ok I know Brawl is a pretty whack game (most disappointing game of all time really).

But Brawl+ is some fun stuff. It’s like some sort of pain killer that helps disappointment.

Has anyone tried it?

Gets popcorn

Same. Exact. Thread.

Uh-oh :confused:

I’m scared of what this thread will turn into.

I prefer it to normal Brawl. I don’t play it on a regular basis though.

In that case the search function sucks then because I looked for similar threads before.

A better game than Brawl but nowhere near as good as Melee.

Here we go again…

Oh god… not this shit again. =(

I’m betting the OP is Carthage under a different account.

The entire forum about smash brothers somehow escaped your attention too, I guess

fuck off with this stupid smash brothers shit

This cant be good.

Aww shit. Not another useless, possibly 50+ page thread about smash.


I was going to rate this thread 1 out of 5 stars but then I realized that’s one more star than it deserves.


Waiting for close and or ban… man SRK is slow today…

09’s vs Search function.


whenever a bad thread pops up, everyone and their mama tries post how bad it is or is trying to be a comedian. Then when a good thread pops up, none of you guys have anything useful to post.

Maj had that sf4 breakdown thread that was pretty unique and that thing only got 2 posts. Seems like 90% of the people that come here are just people surfing the net rather than actual players.