Whats easier to install/mod...snap in or screw in sanwa?

Im planning to built my first arcade stick so I want everything to be simple and easy.

Should I get OSBF30 or OSBN30?

Sorry for the noob question.


Sorry to thread poach. I figure this question could help you anyways. lol
Is there anywhere to buy hole saws to achieve the same 30mm and 24mm without having them shipped to me? Maybe an inch conversion?

I prefer screw-ins as I hate when my buttons are “moving” or spining when I play.

BUT if you are planing on modding an existing Hori or DC stick case, sometimes, there might not be enough space between buttons in some cases for OBSN.

I have one… I got it at Tokyu Hands in Japan, but I am pretty sure you can get one in a hardware store in NA too.

You’ll need to use it with a hand drill though.

Cool thanks, I’ll have to do some searching tomorrow. Any idea what the EXACT measurements are for both 30mm and 24mm?

Huuuh… 30.000mm and 24.000mm? :confused:

haha sorry, allow me to explain … I am currently residing in the US, and just yesterday I went on a search for 30mm and 24mm anything that would drill a hole, but beings that we aren’t on the metric system, finding anything measured in millimeter turned out to be impossible.

So I figured I would try to find something in our measurement system that is exactly equal to 30mm and 24mm, and me posting on here was just digging to see if something as this even exists?

ah! ok…



I am pretty sure that if you take the closest size in inchs, it’ll work!
in the worst case, take the one below, so you can always use a file to enlarge it.


1 and 3/16 inch bit.


Ahh, thanks guys. Let’s just hope they aren’t as rare as they sound. Would like to get this started as soon as possible, which means NOT importing. lol

I need to get those too…where can i buy some online?

I saw a few on ebay at 30mm, and not too expensive either. I didn’t really check for 24mm, but I assume they are there also.

Actually, I take that back. It appears it can get quite expensive if you are going to need an arbor for it also. There any good deals out there that I’m not coming across? :confused:

I got mine at home depot for about $25 with an arbor, I imagine you can get em at just about any hardware store in the US though. I also got a wood boring drill bit of the same size…the hole took a little filing afterwards as it drilled a slightly smaller hole, but they are much cheaper and can get the job done as well if you’re on a budget, and already have a set of files.

Luke! Use the forstner!

Part# 9260 and 9274 should do it. These are $7 and $8 bucks each! Sweet!

I haven’t been able to find anything exact, locally.

yeah, you shouldn’t have much of a problem finding 3/16ths in a hardware store. you could also say ‘quarter sized’ and that would do it. They are easier to find since hobbyist started collecting those state quarters.

Keep in mind that for a good quality feel you probably want to drill too small, then file it as needed to get a tight fight, don’t want those buttons rocking and moving around when you hit them.

Also I should note that the sanwa competition 30mms that i got from happ are noticeably less than 30 mm diameter at where you would want them to contact the edge of your hole, looks like about 28mm, unless you include the threaded “nut” which I assume most people prefer to use… but even then, not one measurement I took of the piece is really that close to 30 mm. I cant seem to find my micrometer atm, but across the flats looks like 32 mm, and across the corners looks like 34ish.

So a 32 mm hole is what you need, and then file to make the hexagonal shape with 34 mm being the max across the corners, but don’t make a 34mm circle, because the flats will have too much space and I would assume your button would start wobbling in no time.

to summarize:
without nut -> 28mm = 1 and 3/32 inches -> round down to 1 and 1/16th as you probably won’t find hole saws in 32nds

with nut -> 32mm = 1 and 1/4 inches, then sand / file to make the hexagonal shape with 34mms (1 and 11/32 inches) across the corners

to make things simpler, maybe buy a ruler with both imperial and metric on it :wink:

and if you’re building your own stick amateur style, don’t get lazy on the woodwork, you will appreciate your hard work when it doesn’t fall apart after 1 month of use

and I will say this again and make a new post for it, because no one can hear it too many times, and someone should probly just put a little sticky at the top of this forum on the same topic since so many undertake these projects:

when using a hole saw or any other power tool / sharp object, don’t touch the sharp / spinning areas, and wear your goddamned safety goggles, because you simply can’t comprehend every remote risk / freak accident waiting to happen

are you refering to Happs or Sanwa?

I take it you’ve never used snap-ins then? As long as you are using a proper sized 30mm hole, they will not spin. If you pop it in and out a hojillion times, sure, the plastic ribs that keep constant pressure against the sides of the holes may wear down, but that’s just button abuse. If you install the buttons and leave them, they will not spin, ever. Those ribs keep constant pressure; one screw ins, the ONLY thing holding them in place is the nut, with no locking washer. So, spinning is only possible in one direction, the one that unscrews the nut. After the nut is loosened (and hey, this is plastic we’re talking about) it’ll spin in either direction and require tightening.

The only reason to go with screw-ins are for wood or wood+acrylic control panels, where the force of inserting a snap-in could damage the panel, and the thickness of the control panel makes snap-ins unsecure. For a metal control panel, snap-ins are the only way to go and superior to the screw-ins in every single way.

Cool, im going to get snap in Sanwa for my Agetec.