What's Chun's air-kara throw?

As the title states. Thanks in advance.

I mean, I suck at 3s and all but I don’t think you can do a kara throw in the air. Besides, it wouldn’t be at all practical unless you know exactly when someone jumps at you and it pulls you in from like VERY far away.

Just my thoughts.

Yes you can, and yes it pulls from far away.
I just want the right button.

Well I’m stumped as to how this would work actually. It would require that you first do a move in the air that would move you forward. What do think would best accomplish that then?

Chunli does’nt have any cancelable moves in the air that moves her forward, so no.

would be nice anyway.

eats a piece of chicken

wasnt that j.hp?

anyways: articles: kara throws blabla:

chuns karas:
Far Forward, Close Roundhouse, Jump Fierce

Finally an answer. Thanks DooM. No thanks to the other n00bs.

Chun-li Air Kara throw: J. FP


thats stupid to say, how do you think you kara a dp with Ken’s c.hk?

its all kool endless, it was easy to find at http://www.shoryuken.com/features/s000313.shtml

That article is full of mistakes.


Ken and Ryu having the same kara throw range? right :lol:.

and i definitely think Q and Elena should be higher up on that list. also, i don’t hear much of Hugo’s kara throw being any good save for this article. is that another mistake?


How come Q isn’t at the top of that list?? His kara throw is freakin’ HUGE!

-NERD-, dude… your sig is also freakin’ HUGE. Stop wasting my screen space.

The values are basically the characters’ regular throw ranges WITHOUT using kara-cancelling.

EDIT: Also, many of the moves listed just don’t work. It was probably mistranslated from a Japanese page or something. I wouldn’t use that chart as a reference, it’s all messed up.

EDIT2: Here you go, ground kara-throws in no particular order:

Q: back MP, MP
Chun: far MK
Elena: toward MK
Oro: HK, far MK
Alex: toward HP, MP
Hugo: MK
Ryu: toward MP
Gouki: toward MP
Remy: far HK, far MP, toward MK
Sean: toward HP, HP, HK
Makoto: LK, MK
Twelve: MP
Ken: MK, back MK
Necro: MP
Dudley: toward HK, toward MP
Yun: LK
Yang: LK
Ibuki: MK
Urien: none

Ken’s Kara throw is garbage.

Ryu’s is much better :clap: