Whats better for a non common ground?

trying to hack a gamestop x360 controller bb-070. im pretty sure its not a common ground controller. anyways for non common controllers are sticks like the ls-32 better/easier than a five pin stick

LS-32 or JLW will work good. JLF or LS-32-01 won’t work unless you cut the traces on the pcb of the joystick. So in short, go with the LS-32.

Honestly, cutting the traces on a JLF or other common-ground joystick is far easier than the soldering you’ll be doing, which isn’t that hard. If you prefer the feel of a certain type of joystick, or one is easier to mount than the other in the case you’re using, go for that, it takes all of a minute to adapt a JLF to work with a non-common ground.

After you cut the traces, you still need to solder the same amount of wires. You’re just doing extra work at this point. Unless you prefer the JLF and are dead set on using it.

Another option if you don’t want to cut the traces and want to do even more extra solder work, you can hit up Toodles for a pcb that will convert non-common ground pcb to common ground sticks.

Or you can just take the PCB off all together. You don’t need to cut the traces, just take it off.

thanks for all the help

If you don’t fear to soldier here is a solution with optocoppler

non common ground to common ground tutorial

Well unless you plan on desoldering the connections, you’ll need to cut the traces.