"whats a kick" - barlog thread


frame data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mU4ZsruzStZ_Xbns9c-1hyWKls0SGGsOP92bLqggG2Q/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=1613521397

I guess the statue of Balrog in that Shadaloo stage confirms that he will still mostly look like his old self with less hair or whatever.

Motion character is possibility. LOL. Kick normals are possibility.


The new balrog

I hope we get “rush in with dash punches with occasional low/throw situations” Balrog instead of “cr.jab xN, whiff punish with dash punch until you have super” Balrog.

Jab Balrog may still exist, but definitely be much neutered. Priority trade system will punish him hard for it especially if it’s a CC heavy. He will definitely have a heavier focus on mediums and heavies like the other cast.

‘What’s a Barlog?’ - The Balrog Thread

Edit - He should get the Dirty Bull as a regular HCB command throw.

Critical Art - Probably will be the Megaton Punch.

V-Skill - Instant Turn Punch? (Like Cammy’s Spun Knuckle).

V-Trigger - Ganei Jin.

I hope he gets something of a rework. His design in 4 is so basic

They should give him more CCs than anyone to emphasize a punishing style of play. Maybe V Skill could give him access to different stances, like neutral a quick turnaround, up is a stylish jumping one, down he ducks, etc. V Trigger can sort of be like Little Mac’s KO punch where it gives him access to one big blow.

idk what they can give him

bisons scissor kicks are basically rush punches. and bison has 4f jabs that are good on hit and block.

i will be pissed if he gets a gief style “rework” tho

I don’t give a shit about his gameplay, but he definitely needs a face tattoo and his opening line should be “I’m gonna eat your fucking asshole, Faggot!”

v-skill he kicks you



v-trigger: transform to kano
super: transform to sonya

The prophecy set by mk2 has been fulfilled.

I hope Balrog goes the TJ Combo route and make him an MMA fighter. Balrog looks like someone who would fuck shit up in PRIDE when it was still around.

But does he have what it takes to beat the champ?

I’m also excited for Balrog’s theme. He had one of the few good ones in IV and his SFII one is legendary. If the direction they’ve taken with the rest of the OST is any indication, I have high hopes.

Jab button now activates taunt. That will show them pesky SF4 Rogs whats good.

Balrog’s V-Skill - he throws some money on the floor to distract the opponent

V-Reversal - Balrog takes some cash and throws it into opponent’s face

V-Trigger - the player loses fight money little by little, wins it back based on the timer, HP and how the victory was achieved, and a multiplier is applied to accumulate fight money faster

I hope they change him up like Vega. And I just want an ear bite super.

At least spell the goddam character’s name right in the thread title.