What's a guy gotta do?

So I am new to the fighting game scene. Basically as new as you can possibly be. I’ve been watching streams of MvC3 and SSFIV for like a year now and was always really intrigued by the games and how interesting they are. Yesterday I bought my first fighting game (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3). Now I know that I suck and I am going to suck for a long while, because I have realized (from both hearing it and now playing the game) that fighting games take a long time to learn and perfect. I have grasped that idea and I still would really like to get into fighting games and am willing to spend time practicing them.

The point of this post is to ask am I doing the correct things to improve my game. Currently I will get on the game and do either one of two things. I will either go and play the arcade mode (on easy difficulty.) and then after I beat that I’ll hop into missions and try and beat as many of those as I can. Missions i have found are relatively hard for me I’ve only been able to get to level 5 on most of them. (I got to 7 on strider but that’s my best.)

If there is anything you kind people would advise that I do to get better. Let me know I really appreciate it.

Stop playing the arcade mode, stop doing the trials. Research and build a team around a character you would like to play, practice the easy bnb combos for each character. Try to have some DHC potential as well as it maximizes the damage you can do and it is easy for a begginner to get some extra damage in.

Once you decide in a team you should be able to find high level play of those character to get an idea of how they are played.

Spend a Lorna time in the training room and DO NOT GO ONLINE.

So I started looking up some BnB’s after I read your post and I am just at a loss with how to even tackle those combos.

Ok so you see a long ass list of combo notations and are like wtf and how the f*** do I do this.

I’m going to take the most basic combo

L=Light Attack
M=Medium Attack
H=Hard Attack
S=Special Attack

SJC=Super Jump Cancel
Air: In air
L,M,H,S SJC , AirM, AirM, AirH, AirS

This is the basic combo in the game, and this is how you should practice the combo: BREAK IT INTO PARTS!

I learned in psychology that you can learn thugs by chunking, and I’m pretty sure 90% of players Practice combos like this.

First practice L then M. Then practice L,M,H, then LMHS, then LMHS SJC, and so on.

Keep practicing till you get the combo down,

I’m pretty sure I already have that one down. Granted I’m not sure what SJC means in game but still.

i would say look at the bnb combos then break them down into parts for example the vergil bnb is lmh forward h(f.h) srk(shoryuken motion which is just a forward fireball) l xxxh sj j.m j.h j.s cr.h f.h xxx qcb l s j.mmh j.down h down forward hxxx super. There are variants to this after the second stinger, but to break it down what you would want to practice the lmh fh then srk l. the second part would be the srk l teleport down cancel sj mhs. the third part you would want to try is s cr.h fh then bnb, or a set up to go into sword loops when you are comfortable to learn the,. Then put them all together once you feel comfortable learning them. other characters have easier bnbs while others dont, once you learn how to relaunch with characters you made your bnb skill a lot better, and it shows you can do more than the normal lmhs j.mmhs otg super

Play Hulk, Wesker, Sentinel. Bam, no more execution issues.

All kidding aside, for a beginner learning combos I’d personally say it’s better to learn the easy stuff first. By easy stuff I mean the most basic of BnBs, LMHS sj. MMHS OTG Super. Characters that are fairly simple and easy for beginners to use include Wesker, Sentinel, Hulk, Ryu, and Captain America. They all have an easy combo that’s pretty much “hit them on the ground, then hit them in the air, then hit them back to the ground, hit them with a super.”

Once you can do those kind of combos in a real match consistently, tackling more difficult combos will seem much less difficult, as you’ll simply be building on things you already know, rather than trying to learn and master more complicated actions all at once.

Thanks everybody for the advice. I feel like I will be moving in the right direction now.