Whats a good wood to use for an arcade stick?

trying to build another arcade stick this time for ps2 but im not sure whats a good wood to use for building. the last stick i made i used an old used box from another broken stick of my friends so now im building a whole new one from scratch. help please.

MDF. Cheap, sturdy, easy to use. Overall very efficient.

thanks i appreciate it

Some people believe that it is better to use a natural hard wood. It can be a much lighter weight than mdf because mdf is heavy.

Poplar is a hardwood that is pretty much as cheap as mdf.

Morning wood. You wake up, and make a mold of it. Then you go and try to sell your joysticks to female players and get slapped with sexual harassment charges. I really shouldn’t post when I’m sleepy…

^watafaka =D

MDF great wood…

Anyway, can someone post a picture of POPLAR wood???

it’s easy work for plywood layers

I like plywood layers. I have some pictures show.