What's a doujin fighter?

Just a really obscure fighting game?

Technically speaking, it’s fan-made game.

Now it’s just become a buzz word on SRK for anime fighter.

…and anime fighter is just another buzz word for fighting games that are too “Japan” for people. Of course, it helps that 2D sprite work makes it look like anime.

It pretty much references the self published manga (which is mostly adult stuff now…) or something in name, so yes, a fan made fighter does sounds right.

It’s more of independently made Fighting Games. If it’s “fan made” it can be any game really, I’m sure Ishiwatari or whatever his name is, is a fan of his own series (GG).

I always thought Dojin was really fan made like the Mangas and such though this post has been tree’d.

I thought it was a guy or something…

What does it mean for a post to be “tree’d”? Some new lingo I haven’t heard…


As for tree’d, I have no idea.

Quote trees maybe?

From what I have read, being tree’d is saying something in a way that someone else has said it.

To have something posted/written/stated/said/implied/ or expressed before someone(s) says the same idea/thought/concept
11:00 - “Today is gonna be 65 degrees”, ME
11:01 - “Todays temperature is gonna be 65 degress”, YOU
11:01 - “tree’d” ME

I think the best translation that English has for “doujin” is the term “indie.”

^ I prefer the term donjon.

Much like d?jinshi manga, doujin games can either be original works or based off a pre-existing property, such as an anime series or another non-fighting game series. Since they’re homemade, doujin games are almost always made for the PC. They can either have a low-print run to be sold at various conventions or released as freeware online.

Most doujin fighters arn’t really designed for serious play and can even be horribly unbalanced. More often then not they’re governed by the rule of fun. However, there are some serous efforts that come out and even professional designers will release a game as a side project.

DEnjin games are all the same beacuse they all basicaly have the same mechanics… its like a wierd syndrome or something, i like to call it the “denjin engine”

The key feature here is poverty.

IMO. :coffee:

“Doujin”, like the manga term it hails from, also implies that the game in question is usually based on some kind of source material like Japanese “visual novels” (i.e. Fate:Unlimited Codes is based off of Fate:stay/night, Melty Blood off of Tsukihime, Big Bang Beat off of WHO GIVES A FUCK, IT WAS ONLY DECENT FOR ONE REVISION). Smaller, kinda-just-past garage-level developers from Japan’s nerd community are also implied, rather than large, established developers like Capcom and SNK. (Not to say that these guys haven’t done some impressive work for being upstarts.)

And of course there’s a big range of production values among these games – you get stuff with real professional ambitions and a lot of manpower behind it like Melty Blood and sigh Arcana Heart, all the way down to that one obscure Les Miserables doujin fighter that was, like, a 1-man effort. (I shit you not, this actually exists. It had MUGEN-level production values, but still, quite the impressive feat for one Japanese dude!)

The “doujin” term is usually used a lot more loosely than the “based on” definition, of course, and often encompasses games that have original characters and properties such as Akatsuki Blitzkampf and shudder Arcana Heart.

And since they’re usually targeted at MUCH bigger anime nerds than most fighting games, they tend to have a lot of extremely technical mechanics with crazy loop combos, Guilty-Gear style expansive meter subsystems, and in the case of F:UC, B&Bs that last half an hour just to take off a third of someone’s life. (Or you could pick Berserker and spend half an hour in blockstun against Lancer. Get your friend to block for you and go get some coffee while he spots for a guard cancel window.)

In my personal opinion, the best one of the bunch is Melty Blood, even though all the male characters suck. (Except for Nero, who is the best character in the game, forever. Don’t let the tier lists tell you otherwise.)