Whatever happened to that SF2: TAM game?

I remember back in 94 or 95, a gaming magazine, might have been “Diehard GAMEFAN” had a small preview on an SF2 game. It showed a Cyborg doing a DP, and Ryu was standing there. It had Super Turbo meters, Ryu was the SF2 sprite, the cyborg and bg were new.

Anyone know what happened? Or if it was even real?

Mugen 2: World Warrior?

Pretty sure there was no Mugen in 94.


(only brazilians is going to understand the terrible joke)

Its only a part of the game, was released for saturn and playstation but only for japan.

You take pictures from “the movie” to send data do Bison, in the end you fight with Ryu (in the ST engine), your strenght is based in the number of correct photos ou took from the rest of the game.

IIRC there was a storyboard type game that played out most of the scenes from the animated movie. Released on the saturn I think.

Street Fighter II Movie Box Shots and Screenshots for Saturn - GameFAQs

I remember hearing about it. It was supposed to be something like Dragon’s Lair. I saw screen shots, but never an actual game.

Found a video


i’ve seen that for sale for sega saturn in japan

Happened to that SF2:

I remember back 94 or 95, a magazine of play could be “Diehard GAMEFAN” was a small preview of the game SF2. It showed the Cyborg is DP and Ryu stood there. It 'been a Super SF2 Turbo Ryu Sprite meters, cyborgs, and BG were new.

Does anyone know what happened? Or if it was not even true?

The game is legit. I’ve played it. But it’s also pointless and stupid. You really don’t do much. You take pictures and in the end you fight Ryu with your cyborg guy. If you don’t take the right pictures your stats suck and the fight is damn near impossible since your attacks do close to no damage.

Yeah, I’ve got the Street Fighter II Movie on PS (as with every non-MPEG conversion, PS version has cleaner FMV). Besides the Cyborg battle, there’s no interaction with the movie besides taking pictures; there are no alternate routes or even choices like in Dragon’s Lair.

Plus, it’s on 2 discs (the Ryu battle is on the 2nd disc) and requires swapping without saves so it can only be completed on JP systems. So yeah, pretty awful for all but the most hardcore SF fans.