Whatcha listening to at the moment (IMM version)

Yeah, there’s one in GD I know… but I mostly hang out around here, so I was wondering what other IMM people (‘taggers’ if you prefer, although I don’t consider myself one) listen to. =x

Plus TG said he wouldn’t kill me for starting this thread, so…

(artist) - (song title)

The Cat Empire - The Chariot

waits for thread to die =x

Wu-Tang - Daytona 500

Bad Religion - All There Is from the new album The Empire Strikes First

Sevendust - Suffocate:p

Jamiroquai-King for a Day

People on IMM probably don’t know,but I’m a HUGE Jamiroquai fan/listener.They haven’t made a CD in 3 years(though they did make a CD of all the people that inspired them),but I still ALWAYS listen to their old stuff… :slight_smile:

Oooooh, trust me, we know… :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

…and to think I just got done sayin how cool u WERE in the showcase thread…SCANDALOUS!! :frowning: :wink:

Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First - 07 - Let Them Eat War.mp3

I bought the album bitches! :mad: I just ripped the tracks! :mad: Don’t judge me!!

sevendust - live agian (awesome song!!:smiley: )

Yeah yeah yeahs - Miles away
Modest Mouse - float on
Jay-z - Moment of clarity (grey album)

Do you have the Double Wide album?

Element Eighty - Parachute

i dont know what album that is…i dont think that is an album…unless its like 2 of there albums in one :confused:

the song Live Agian is on the album Home

man…the new Acoustic Live album is awesome…and i got a sevendust gutar pic with it!!:smiley:

my fav. sevendust album is prob. Animosity:p

Eminem - Its Okay

yeah yeah yeahs - maps
nando - love killer
system of a down - marmalade
darkness - i believe in a thing called love
the pillows - riding on shooting star

incubus - certain shade of green

This guy Qwel is fucking amazing.

Here are the albums he’s on. Amazon has two free MP3 downloads available for each album. I wish i could specify one to get, but they’re all so good i’m not even gonna try.

Typical Cats - Typical Cats
Qwel - If It Ain’t Been In A Pawn Shop, Then It Can’t Play The Blues
Qwel - The Rubber Duckie Experiment

Your genre preferences do not matter. Just listen.

DJ Micro : Live @ Avalon.

Paul Oakenfold: Dirty Sticky Floors
Lostprophets: Last Train Home
Spineshank: Smothered
Boyz II Men: Oh Well
Sylver: Skin

Southside Double Wide is the acoustic album.

Also, no hating on people’s preference of music, CHIBI.