What will you play 10 years from now?

Spawned from the “what would make you play marvel…” thread

Do you see yourself playing 3s or CVS2 10 years down the line? I really dont.

I’m not even that good in the games, but I feel both of those games will die out eventually. Same with MVC2. I know ST is still fairly popular but how long will that last. Eventually they will get stale.

Only Sammy and SNK are making 2d fighting games, Namco and Sega are the only ones making 3d ones. The genre is dying out, at least on the 2d front.

Capcom has forsaken us in favour of garbage compilations (though I have hopes for the cell shaded game), not even bothering to release 3s in Europe. Even Battle Colliseum came out here.

So, do we all have to make the move to 3d, GG and KOF, Samsho or Melty Blood? Or keep playing the stuff we have now till we’re old and teaching them to our grandchildren.

10 years from now on, I might not be playing the game, but I’m going to make sure my kids are.

My son is going to be the next adolfo, KSK, or Zangoef.

Hell it might even end up being my daughter.

The games will only die out if you get tired of being beasted or of beasting, but there will always be someone that will make the fun factor high. Unless everyone picks up chun or yun.

Good question… Hard to answer because I’m still catching up on the ones from years past!

MvC2 if its still popular
Third Strike(If Sreet Fighter 4 isn’t out by then)
HnK(The game looks cool,and I can’t stand Guilty Gear at the moment).

arcana heart 3

A3…never gets old.

Hokuto no ken, the 3rd successor


Super Dragonball Z Hyper Fighting Dimension Budokai Tenkaichi GT 17.

Hopefully something new comes out in the next decade that’s interesting.

i can’t wait to have some kids around my house to play with…
or maybe they’ll yell at me ‘pa’ you’re a nerd go to buy a real life’ while they’re annihilating some big boobied chicks

I’d still be playing 3S ten years from now…on what, my PlayStation 4? PS2 if it’s still operational.

If I’m alive, I doubt I’ll stop playing.

In 10 years, HOPEFULLY I’ll be in Japan and/or having a full-time job/career…so my time will probably be limited. I wouldn’t be able to play tournament-level anymore, but I’ll still be playing my favorites.
Super Turbo hasn’t gotten old in 13 years, so I don’t see why it couldn’t last 10 more years. Classics are timeless.

I think I’ll still play A3 in 10 years. Too many good memories with it. Even if will just play it one time a month with my friends. This is the game to last. Bought a Saturn for Alpha 1. Didn’t go to certain school lessions for Alpha 2. (Like art on friday. Trained real hard for A3. And so on.

So I look at Alpha not as a game. I look at it more like a hobby.

Super Turbo (hopefully I’ll finally be good at it in a decade, and provided other people are still playing it)

3rd Strike (because it’s the best, and you can’t count on Capcom to make a Street Fighter 4…)

Guilty Gear (maybe Sammy will have Guilty Gear XXX by then? :rofl:)

Whatever Tekken is the latest addition to the series (Tekken 10? 12?)

and whatever new games that become “Tournament Standards” (barring Vs. games)

In 10 years, I’ll have maxed out my potential in the games I’m currently interested in, will have become proficient in fighting games that I never “got into” before, and will dabble in whatever the newest fight is out there (GGXXXX Ultra Blade Edition).

In 10 years, I hope to be playing street fighter 4

i’ll still play with myself…


Well, my Guy is getting good. And right now I’m learning V-Mika. And I’ve been one of the few supporters for this game, no matter how broken it is.

Shit, if Arc System Works makes an HnK 2, I’d be so fucking happy. And of course, everyone will be playing the latest Guilty Gear installment. And let’s not forget about VF and Tekken.

i’ll still be playing marvel, it’s just that good.

the 30th incarnation of guilty gear xx

If movies about the future from the 60’s are correct, in the year 2017 I’ll have a headset that allows me to play games with my mind.