What Wiki thinks of the top tier


Before saying that wiki is wrong take a look at what they said about Magz, Cable, Storm and Sent.





They seem right about the G4, so what do you guys think?

umm… not really…

Magneto’s just about right…

Cable doesn’t get beat by quicker characters, he gets beat by characters that can avoid horizontal attacks easily, such as storm. sentinel’s faster, but cable puts up a good fight with him

sentinel isn’t considered unbalanced, especially with storm being considered by most better than him. his proneness to be rushed hurts him, and that it’s very easy to get a 50%+ damage combo on him if he gets caught standing.

storm isn’t a big part IMO of MSP… it’s all magneto on that team. storm’s there for the DHC and that she’s good with psylocke assist… personally, i feel her BEST team is matrix… sent and cyclops really bring out the best in her.

Nothing to see here, folks.

Cleaned up psylocke, cable, sentinel. For future reference pls refrain from using ‘balance’, ‘scrub’ or ‘tier’ when talking about games in public. Thank you.

i’m gonna go on wiki and type roll is top tier

fuck wiki when it comes to fighting games

do not do that, remember we have a public wiki as well. They weren’t terrible entries, just needed cleaned up a bit

Forget about the top tier. I’m more worried about what’s it’s written for Shuma-Gorath:

Do you think it’s true? It made me think twice before using his roundhouse throw on Psylocke…

Thank you for that unhinged and completely inconsistent raving, gouki10.

Good point, i didn’t realize how dumb that shit was.

storm’s a “everything” character

Somebody should put a strategy section in the MvC2 article instead of spreading it around the comic book character entries.