What were you doing on April 20th, 2002?

Um, I forgot what I was doing tbch.

I was like 9 or 10 at the time. It could have been the first time I blazed, but I could be wrong.

The most vivid memories of that day were me playing Dreamcast with my friends. The rooms seemed to be foggy.

I also remembered watching everything on Adult Swim that night, while coughing real hard. I do remember everyone laughing at Pilot’s Candidate tho

Coincidentally, Ludacris’ song, “Saturday” came out in time for 2002. For those who don’t know, the song is obviously about smokin buddha on a Sat, and 4/20 was on a Satruday in 02. holy shit!


What the fuck is this shit?

This thread is now about the semi-forgotten 1980s progressive rock band Queensryche.

Best album: Operation Mindcrime.



Asian wife & I were still newlyweds at the time so we were probably fucking…I miss those days when i can just go 2 to 3 times a day…Now its like 3x a week :sad:

What the fuck is this shit?

(I probably had my hand on my dick at some point)

If an alligator had fins and fought an equally sized shark, could it win?

Not if its a 2 head shark!


Just saying.


Just saying.

getting high, it was 4/20 duh

you wre probably 5 years old on that day!

Lose the weight, E. Gief. :coffee:

I like how troll OP thinks it’s cool to get high at 9-10 but 5 years old IS TO YOUNG.

Gold thread is gold. Queensryche rules.