What version of ZSNES? ZSNES settings for dial-up(56K)?

What version of ZSNES does everyone use? I’ve been sticking to version 1.36, but alot of people are always using the newest version, which is kinda hard to keep up with, it changes all the time.

I’m on 56K, and have had some great smooth running matches with almost no lag, and then some LAG-TASTIC ones. I don’t get it? What settings should be on for smoother gameplay in ZSNES with 56K? I think I used 1.40 before, and had some great matches on it, but then fatherbrain recomended 1.36 (in his sticky) because it was more stable (and doesn’t have problems with certian games).

Maybe it’s the settings, anyone with dial up that can help me? It’s about the only way I can play anyone any good, as I live in Arcade Hell.

well try keeping the Latency Option at 3, otherwise, you can only change settings that pretty much affect how ZSNES runs, but wont direct affect Netplay

1.40+ may be better for dial-up, but the people who make ZSNES declared that it was broken for netplay, which is why you see a lot of 1.36 games now

Thanks for the post! I do belive that 1.40(and up) is better for dial up, as I had little to no lag on it, but someone told me 1.36 was better, so I got it.

I need to have my friend do some testing with me.

EDIT: I’ll just keep installing the newest ZSNES and keep the 1.36 as well, I can just change paths in ZBattle.

EDIT2: Just installed ZSNES 1.42, is SUCKS, it can’t even play a normal game without “burping” every 5 seconds. What a waste of time. (I fixed it, for some reason, the newer versions only do this because of horrible scaling, just pick a video mode without it)