What version of Mame do you guys use for Kaillera?

Hi. I am curious, which version of Mame do you guys use for your kaillera online matches?

Mame32K .64

You can find it at darktemplarz.com and anti3d.com

It’s old, but people have their reasons for sticking with it (better controls, something about chat bugs, it varies).






Some guy asked if I was a beginner before we played and I told him, “no”. After I kicked his arse in Alpha3, he asked what version I was using, I told him, " 32k .067" and he got smart in the mouth , called me a beginner and booted me. What gives?

well if he was usein .64 then you guys was prob desync and you only won because of desync

I know where I can find it dipshit. You are a prime example of idiots I despise in the Kaillera community. It’s knuckleheads like you who are stuck in the stone ages and refuse to improve the Kaillera comminuty by promoting a much better and improved version of mame…HK2aillera.

HK2aillera makes 0.64 look like absolute SHIT and does NOT suffer from the myriad of buggs that plague 0.64.


0.64 is older than my fucking GRANDMOTHER! Yet you and the other retards in the Kaillera community do not want to upgrade to HK2aillera!!! As a result everytime I try to find a match I gotta switch from HK2aillera to fucking 0.64, a version that’s older than dirt.

So what the fuck??? If Xbox live gets all the KOFs, MvC 2, SF Alpha 3, and Puzzle Fighter II are you STILL gonna continue to support this shitty, older than the dinosaurs version of mame?


Jesus Christ!

so…you made this thread for this?

The hell is HK2aillera?

Some ppl already know that .64 is complete shit. But what is this HK2 thing? Convince.

supposedly a version of mame that cuts delay in half…

I say supposedly because I haven’t been able to test it out with anyone…

that dude who asked you if you were a beginner was infact ME, and yes, you are a beginner and NO you did not kick my ass.

If all the replies here aren’t enough, I’ll say this again; you do NOT join a mame 0.64 game with 0.67. That’s what noobs do ( YOU ).

Now from now on, do as I’ve told you and when someone asks the same question, answer yes.

Isamu, I’m sure you’re too busy raging and all, but mame 0.64 have cracks and what not which support virtually every mame rom out there. ( Even the roms I’m not allowed to mention here. ) That’s the main reason why people still use mame 64; compatibility. Everytime you wanna play a different game, you don’t need to switch the emulator.

Oh, and if you need something to help your anger management, drink lotta milk, k? Calcium helps with temper.

I’ve just been told that this HK2 shit is a build off of a newer mame.

So fuck it, it’s trash. I’m not even going to waste my time with that.

The more games mame supports, the more garbage it becomes.

HK2 is good just not a lot of people use it. I like both .64 and HK2

Where can one get HK2?

the guy was only trying to help you out and you go off on him.

btw most people stick with .64 cos of autofire

Yeah, you’re right. I apologize I didn’t mean to go off on him like that. It’s just that I’m so frustrated that you guys won’t give HK2 a try. It’s sooooo much better.

Guys… grab it from HERE. Please give this version of mame a chance, and encourage the kaillera community to upgrade to this instead. Yeah, you do hafta upgrade the mame rom set as well, but you can find it on a torrent site if you know where to look. Or you can just order one from rommania whitch is like $10 bux!

Do you guys honestly want to continue to deal with all the desync, buggy, spamming problems assosicted with 0.64 for the rest of your life? Think about it. HK2 gets rid of all of this!

If these games all came out for Xbox Live would you still be screwing around with 0.64?

Of course not.

And HK2 is just as bad.

Yup, it’s nothing great, I’ve used it.

This thread is useless, you’re wasting your own time. Go play in an arcade instead of bitching about it.