What useful things have you learned (if any) from Bonchan's play at EVO?

What things did you see him use whether situational strategies, go to normals, combos, strategies etc. Basically, what did you notice Bonchan use that you could maybe incorporate into your repertoire to elevate your game.

I’ll start off with standing LK cancel into TS. Wasn’t giving that poke much mileage, but it is a very good defensive poke in the corner.

Another thing i picked up is making cr mk, ts, FADC cr mk, TU one of my main bnb’s - once again didnt use this a lot because i kept all fadc’s for a TU into ultra.

Chime in …you could have seen things that we might have missed and it would be helpful to all.


yeah dude that standing LK cancel into ts is a game changer for me,not sure if this is character specific but i seen him do crouching LK into standing HK cancel into tiger knee nice little frame trap combo…he didnt do that during top 8 tho i saw it on a youtube
clip …must ov been after evo doing some casual matches,was playing against a bison player fyi.

That frame trap works against most of the cast. It’s a good and relatively safe way to apply pressure, but the knee can get blown up by a dp etc. I like using that on wake up sometimes to switch things up.

Honestly? Nothing. He clearly doesnt know the match from what I observed.

Not just the rose match E.L. I meant his use of Sagat throughout the tournament. I agree that he seemed kind of clueless with the Rose MU at least initially.

I wonder why he is using cr.mk, TU after that FADC because as far as I know mp, TK does more damage and sends them flying so much more.

I’ve also seen Ryan Hart doing the same as Bonchan. Any insight on this?

It’s probably due to spacing. At certain ranges the first hit of TK will miss, resulting in less damage overall.

To answer OP, I learned that stand short is still a decent poke. It hits a lot, but then again, how much mileage can you really get with a move which does 30 damage and can’t be cancelled? I also learned that the Fei matchup has got slightly easier due to rekka punishes.

interesting insight on the Fei match laughter. It is kinda nice to see that Fei actually has to worry about spacing with rekkas now.

Another reason the cr mk, ts, fadc cr mk, TU combo is particularly useful in this game is because it allows you to gain precious ground on your opponent. You could use the knock down to jump over to the other side and have more space to work with.

I learned that you better be pretty godly in the corner to be good with Sagat, because that’s where you’re gonna spend half the game… Ah, who am I kidding? I knew that shit since super lol

So true! We may as well just jump back into the corner at the start of each round, save our opponent a few seconds

I learned my Rose training partner has no more reason to ever complain about her subpar fireball game

In my other thread you all recommended I conserve meter more and Bonchan always shows why with those FADC combos. He also makes me realize instead of finishing a blocked series of attacks with a cancelled low tiger shot for chip I should more often consider learning the spacing/distance for the cancelled safe/+ on block knee aftereward.

Good point there kruldar. learning the spacing for he knee seems like a nice alternative to switch things up and stay on the offensive.

For the Rose matchup - I think lots of people forget this little fact about her fireball absorb and EX Reflect:

Soul Reflect Light Punch: gives super gauge +100, 11~22f , increases super damage by 5% up to 7 times/35%, EX

Soul Reflect EX: Increases damage of reflected projectile by 10%,

Basically, for every Tigershot Rose absorbs, she gains 10x times the meter you gain for your fireball (10 vs. 100). In addition to increasing her Super Dmg by 5% each time, up to 35% cap.

Hi Sagat, I’m Rose. I’ll be your rapist for the evening.

Never knew that about Rose. I just tested her U2 and soul spark and those also get more damage from the absorbs it seems, but it’s only for the next attack like Sagat’s angry charge

interesting stuff Jeenyus…never knew that.

Saw this story on eventhubs: “Bonchan is now 85% confident about beating Luffy in the Sagat vs. Rose match-up, says far standing MK is key”

Emblemlord, right on the money as usual. You should start a coaching service.

Losing a bad matchup makes the other character op. Especially if it’s one you don’t play regularly.

In regards to the uppercut thing, I’m sure it’s spacing.

Patience and never drop your combos

bonchan is one of the best hit confirm sagat player I’ve ever seen.
he definitely has one of the best reaction to hit confirm any tiger shot from a frame trap.
and he knows how to use all his meter for maximum damage output.

that’s what i think hes gonna another level, because damn.
i just find sagat so fcuking hard to use after AE 2012.
even with the tiger knee buff, he just doesn’t play the same…

i just can’t believe bonchan put so much work in sagat to even tough out the constant nerfs.
bonchan is definitely the hardest working player in japan period. PERIOD.