What type of wood for scratch build?

I;m looking to go and purchase the materials tomorrow to start a scratch build for my first and only arcade stick. Anyone have any recommendations as to what type of wood to use? I don’t plan on using varnish or stain, but likely just paint. Anyone got any thoughts?


Poplar should be fine IMO, or even MDF

I would use MDF but I will warn you it is very dirty and dusty to work with but with a bit of sanding you can get a very smooth finish.

MDF is great for just learning how to work with wood.

And yes it gets really reallly dusty and messy.

All of the sticks ive built so far have been with MDF, (too lazy to find pics) but you will be surprised at the results with some TLC.

When working with MDF you need to get a respirator mask.
One of these:

Not the little paper thing the dentist wears.
Those start at around $20-$30.
I would suggest poplar for the sides and MDF for the control panel.

Poplar is far too light to make a good stick to play with. MDF has good weight to it and it the easiest to work with. Maple is also another fine choice, but a tad pricier.

I use poplar for the sides and 1/2 mdf for control panels. I do not enjoy sandind mdf