What to do on opponent wakeup? maintaining wake up pressure

Hi guys, i’m new to the forum and currently learning yun. Hopefully someone can help me with my question.

1 thing I have noticed about yun is that whenever I score a hkd against someone, I have a hard time determining what to do next as from what I see nothing which I could do is safe. These are the few type of things which I usually do but I have no idea which one is the best

Eg 1.

Sometimes when I score a hkd, I would stick close to the opponent and do a cr.lk which will link into the lunge punch combo or I can os lp lunge punch if the opponent chooses to backdash, but I notice that this is not a good option against masher as for eg if i’m against ryu and he decided to dp fadc ultra that would easily cost me about 200+ - 300 of my total health. Therefore I would think that it’s not a good option as you know the higher competition gets, the harder to come back from such a suitation. Of course I know I can bait the shoryu but things are not as easy as it seems when you reach a certain lvl.

Eg 2.

I would do a meaty cr.mp cancel into command grab and link into any combo I chooses. Again, I think this not a safe gamble if your opponent knows what to look out for as he can easily get out of your command grab if he is aware of the setup.

Eg 3.

Another thing which I tend to do is XU lk.dk. This is the option that I tend to do the least as I think that this lead to the least reward from what you can get(Pls correct me if i’m wrong). The reason being, unless you get a CH lk.dk you can’t combo off it and another thing is i’m not really sure how much frame advantage I have after a XU lk.dk

So guys, I would like to hear from you seasoned yun out there what you guys normally do to keep up with the pressure and why so and hopefully you guys will be willing to provide me with some guidance ^^.

PS. I have been watching lots of kazunoko video and seriously i’m really amazed by how he always manage to keep up pressure despite playing at such high lvl.

I feel like half of the battle of knowing what to do and what not to do on a knockdown is knowing the other character’s wake up options. I’ll give a small example using a comparison of someone with bad wake up options, Rose, to someone with pretty good wake up options, Akuma(compared to Rose anyway).

With Rose, if I get a throw or a hk dp on her, my primary option is to do a meaty j. hk dive OS cr/st. mp. This is to see how she reacts to the situation of a knock down, while at the same time keeping me safe from all of her options on wake up. Knowing that the options she has revolve around meter, this setup compensates for that, thus setting up the situation where should she get hit by another throw or hk dp, the situation gets reset again, then you can choose to what you need to do accordingly from there to open her up.

On the other hand, with Akuma, you have to be aware of teleports, and he has a three frame dragon punch. So, again, you want to set up your offense with a safe option to see how they react to it. In this instance, most of the time I’ll just do crossup dive as a starter, since this generally covers the dp’s, as well as you being able to land in time to punish teleports accordingly.

When you become more aware of what kind of options said character has on wake up, you can tailor your offense to what they do, and hopefully get the round if everything goes as planned.

Hope this helps!

Ya i agreed with you that knowing the matchup knowledge is very important as often it determines which move is safe and which is not and which move counter which move etc. Just that lately i have been thinking is there any way which we could maximize reward after a hkd but i guess not as i think that wake up in itself is actually a mind game and therefore is some sort of 50/50. Anyway thanks for the help, I guess I have to increase my matchup knowledge and hopefully improving on my wakeup game

hi ive been currently playing around with yun and i found this very helpful its a guide on to being a better yun player with xian hope it helps.

thanks for the video ^^

Xian’s video is original yun (some things are not possible anymore).

check this out 2012 yun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkEkHMhU4Hw

Also about the wake ups. You do not always need to do things on wake up. However dive kicks of any strength depending on what you want to do seem to be the best option as well as neutral j.mk to maintain pressure.

The strength of the dive kicks are for different situations as well as the size of the character you want to take these things into account while you are planning what exactly you want to do in a certain approach. always remember you alter your approaches and pace it is very key.

The best thing to do for wake up is remember that your opponent has a brain too. This will help you not do anything stupid.
another thing is always check their meters before trying anything dumb. and if its Ryu engineer a safe jump, he WILL DP. because not many yuns know the safe jump setups vs a 3 frame dp. but lets just say them being random has to do with their life and yours. You always want to give whoever it is more credit until you realize if they are thinking or not, you can tell via spacing and the ratio of how much they seem to be guessing on wake up or if they are watching you. you can figure this type of thing out by scoping their pace, since you are the Yun there will always be 60% of pieces of $#!T waiting for you to mess up, so being yun… don’t mess up. Hope this helps

by the way it is cool that you watch kazunoko and all. But if you want to be good with Yun you have to make your own way to do get shit done least that’s what I learned. Watch his videos to know what works, then think about why it works. and the factors leading up to that. Street Fighter revolves are decision making. So you have to have a constant string of ideas going on , and vary them depending on what character you are facing. Always remember certain characters try to cheese Yun out because they know his life is low. So MANY characters guess on Yun because that is how free he became. Sometimes they don’t even mash their shoryu they just throw a risky one on purpose because Yun flies right into the shi†. So baits are big part of it. and use true block strings otherwise mashes WILL hit you.


A very good match between Xian and Xiao Hai. Take notice how many times Xian is being grab by Xiao Hai CG despite playing at such high level

um. Grabs happen… and sometimes it is better to take the grab (Then the situation is reset). better than trying to tech and eat a DP mash.
And command grabs are just something you have to expect from a command grab character.

While i agree with you that command grabs are something to expect to expect from a command grab character BUT you must know that yun is not a command grab character such as zangief or t-hawk instead I would rather classified yun under an offensive character with cg capabilities.

I think that in order to unleash yun full potential you must be able to utilise the cg AND taking yun cg is totally not ok as it open him up to more offensive option such as free ultra 1 setup against your opponent(although it’s character specific) and free super which can be cancel into ultra 1 which will result in a corner carry. It’s not as simple as the suitation being reset and i’ll tell you I rather be dp by yun instead of being cg anytime as often when yun is able to connect his cg, it’s often a tide changer.

I must say that although the cg of yun is very good, you still must be able to properly utilise it through setup as it’s very unsafe. If you have seen the video, you will realise how Xiao hai condition Xian to block his light attack before using ex tenshin. As I mention, yun is an offensive based character and normally what you would do against this type of character is to block effectively but still Xiao hai manage to open Xian up with yun cg thus continuing with his pressure.

I hope you can understand what i’m trying to say to you. Properly utilising yun’s command grab is just another way to effectively utilise yun offensive pressure and to have more options against your opponent

You can combo off a cross up dive kick as long as it’s meaty.

Typically you have to do S. LP x2, S. MP xx MP Lunge afterwards though since you land close to maximum range of your jab/strong