What to do? Mod or buy new?

I’m not sure what the best option is, but I want to end up with a great stick with the least amount of $ spent. I currently have a single MAS stick with concave buttons that only works on the dreamcast, and an X-arcade 1P+2P set that works on everything but which seems to be glitching out on me. X-arcade stick on the 1P side sure didn’t last long =[

I’m interested in getting a stick that works on nearly all platforms. I don’t know whether to send my MAS stick back to MAS to get it modded with convex buttons and ports that work on all systems in stead of just the dreamcast, or try getting a custom-built stick. MAS wants 30 bucks for each additional system port, plus some cash for each button mod, plus shipping / handling.

I’d really like to have something nice, maybe not as verically high as the MAS stick, slicker, maybe black with the Jin from cyberbots on it. Don’t know what surface is best, but I think there is a thread in here for that. But I’m kind of torn because I don’t want to spend a whole lot, but I also would like something nicer than my 5-7year old MAS stick.

Any suggestions?

There lies your dilemma–you can’t have a multi-purpose stick without spending some considerable money. Not only will you need to purchase a custom-built stick (which will run you from $120 to $180 at least), but you’ll need to find some way to incorporate different PCBs for each system you want to play. Of course, if you stick a PS1 Dual Shock PCB in your stick, you’ll be able to use it on most systems provided you have an adapter for each system (ex. PS2->Xbox, PS->PC, PS2->PS3 adapter). However, you won’t be able to use the stick on the Xbox 360 because the 360 does not work with unlicensed controllers and adapters.

I don’t know what systems you own, but if you don’t need an Xbox 360 stick, you can get by with a PS1 Dual Shock custom stick and some adapters. If you do need Xbox 360 functionality, then you may have to consider GoPodular, but they are NOT cheap.

Oh, so you are saying that if a company says xbox compatible there needs to be a PCB for the 360 and the regular? I only wanted it compatible in case SF comes out and gets played a lot on that system. I didn’t want to have to re-ship the stick back out for another mod.

I think I just want to use it for PS 1, 2, 3, / Dreamcast / X-box / USB for the most part (meaning not 360), that’s only 4 connections right?

So would it be cheaper to send my MAS stick in or go custom? How much would it cost to go custom with the features I desribed above do you think? I tried e-mailing the US people from the sticky in this forum about it to get some quotes. Do they still do business or are they old now?

For those four systems, get a good PSX pcb in your stick, and adapters for the Xbox, DC, and PC, and you’ll be set. You can probably find someone local to mod either your X-Arcade or Mas to remove the current PCB and put a good PSX pcb in its place. All of the custom stick makers can/will put in a PSX pcb for you, or you can by a HRAP2. What I DON’T recommend is getting a mass produced stick with American parts (MAS, X-Arcade, etc) because the PCB’s they use won’t be as good or reliable as those in custom made sticks or HRAP’s. If you want American buttons and stick, just find someone to mod one of the ones you already have.

chippermonky is in san jose ask him

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With shipping back and forth to MAS with an Playstation PCB added and modding the buttons I’m guessing you are looking at about $80. If that’s the case I’d say go with a custom instead since you also want custom artwork. Like Cowdisease said get one with a PS1 PCB then just get the appropriate adapters.

From what I’ve read multi-system MAS sticks don’t work that well anyway, especially if one of those systems is a Dreamcast. A custom stick will be more expensive, but when it comes sticks cheaper never equals better.

Does he do mods? I’ll e-mail him if I can find his address. I would love to handle this locally.

My MAS stick has worked great on dreamcast, but it’s the only PCB on it. It feels like a waste of a stick the way it is right now. Are you saying when it has multuiple it does not perform as well?

Oh, and what is the best adapator for the PS connection? I’ve bought some crappy products lately. The 3 in 1 joybox for the PC was my latest blunder.

When it comes to sticks, he can do anything and everything. :looney:

From posts many moons ago in the TechTalk archive people were saying MAS sticks with Dreamcast PCBs would give them the “blue screen of death” or something along those lines. I don’t remember exactly if it was Dreamcast by itself or with other PCBs but there is nothing better than a PS1 PCB.

Let me clarify, MAS P360s with dreamcast connections were notorious for blowing out controller ports. It happened to me twice, It’s not that the PCB kills the dreamcast but the power draw blows out all the controller ports forcing you to either replace the parts or buy a new dreamcast. I dont see how a controller could kill a dreamcast’s CPU.

That’s intereresting. At B5 i let someone use one of my two MAS sticks and one of my MAS sticks died. I assumed it was due to a faulty dreamcast frying my stick. I think I eventually threw it out.



if you got the tools and time, find a tekken 5 stick at gamecrazy for $30, 1 sanwa jlf and 6 obsf 30’s from ponyboy for about $40 and a used psone dualshock pcb for about $2 from pretty much any gamestop you can find one at.

spend under $80 for a buff equal to an hrap with sanwa buttons.

i did this last week.

Man, I’m not stick building savvy, I don’t have much time on my hands, nor am I particularly patient. =P

I just want a great custom stick that says jinmaster all over it that I can use for online play and at random tournaments.

Actually is there a guide that explains exactly how to do that? Actually sounds tempting. How good at modding do you need to be? The only time I looked inside a stick compartment is when they lifted it at Golfland.

Chipper I sent you an e-mail from my hotmail fyi.

Get a hori real arcade pro 2, get sanwa buttons, open stick, disconnect the plugs on the buttons, swap buttons… done.

Get masking tape… stick it on stick where you desire… use sharpie to put “jinmaster” on the tape.

All this is true, but you can get HRAP2s much cheaper than you used to be able to. Modding it out with Sanwa buttons is much easier than using a T5 as well. I’m lazy so I’d spend a few extra bucks to get QD’s over having to hack a new PCB.

yeah i agree too but i just wanted to mention it if he had the resources to do it on the super cheap not to mention the satisfaction of modding something on your own with all the best stuff.

without the tools (dremel, soldering iron, desoldering braid, solder, wire, glue gun, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, etc.) it is even more expensive than just picking up an hrap 2 and some buttons.

for all i know, dude might not even want a japanese style stick. :lol:

but yeah, after rereading the post, just put a psx pcb in your mas stick. get the pelican ps2 to ps3 adapter $15 (ps3 & usb), total control $20 (dc), and magicbox $30 (xbox). switch the buttons to happ competitions and you’re set.

Anyone ever try modding the x-arcade sticks?

Yes they are extremely easy to mod (just pop X-Arcade crap out and put Happ stuff in). But the PCB sucks so don’t even bother with it.

You can easily buy an empty x arcade control panel off ebay for like $30 and buy parts for it.