What to buy....PS3 or 360

Hey guys,

I’ve decided that it is time to buy me a new gen console, and hopefully, a new HDTV.

My choices for consoles:

  1. PS3 60/80 GB

  2. 360 Elite

Recently, I’ve heard that the PS3 is the way to go if you have the money, and the best version would be the 60 GB.

My Choices for TV’s:

  1. Toshiba 32" LCD HDTV 720p $700

  2. Sony 32" LCD HDTV 720p $900

  3. Westinghouse 32" LCD HDTV $550

  4. Samsung 32" LCD HDTV

Now, the last thing I would like to know, is if I should buy an entertainment center or a Tv stand, because I plan on buying a Home theater system in the future.

Keep in mind, guys, that I need something that will last for a long time, something I wouldn’t regret buying in the future.

hmmmm am kinda in the same thought as you are.

lets see i think you should get the ps3
and the westinghouse 32":wink:

What it boils down it is this: which of the two consoles has more games you would like to buy or play?

I already own a 360 and a wii a couple of my freinds own ps3.

doa4 online for xbox
virtua fighter 5 online xbox
virtua fighter 5 not online ps3 (feels like playing DOA1 to me but some may like it better than doa4)
both have emulation for some good fighting games dont know off hand which has better.

soul calibur is duel system confirmed
king of fighters xii is confirmed duel system
doa5 could go either or duel system (ninja gaiden 2 xbox exclusive, but im betting duel)
tekken 6 ps3 exclusive
guility gear 3d game confirmed xbox exclusive.

ps3 has backwords compatalitity to all ps2 fighting games (basically every good fighting game -doa3 to come out in the past 10 years)
xbox 360 has backwords compatabiltiy to only some xbox fighting games (no capcom vs snk 2 grr) some are online(few have anyone playing maybe guility gear and and street fighter anniversary) practically no ps2 are

Ps3 has bluray which doesnt make a large diffence to a fighting games. but if your getting an hdtv and a sound system ps3 is a dirt cheap blueray player and that is huge incentive.

xbox you have to pay for online service

some kick ass games are coming out for ps3 including mgs4 and final fantasy xii exclusive (im sure microsoft is trying to get them duel system and could potentially suceed like with others)

xbox has some awesome shooters

the creator of final fantasy now works for microsoft.

xbox is a joke in japan could definatly could harm the console in the future( i think things could change (and have been) but if they dont ill have to buy a ps3 before ps4 with backwords compatability comes out next generation.)
if you dont care playing fighting games online and dont like shooters than ps3 is probubly a little better

so basically for the near future xbox 360 is pretty superior but in the future the lack of a japanese market could hurt. final fantasy xiii and metal gear as exclusives is a huge deal to alot of people

in the long run it could go either way, xbox has the japan thing, and ps3 currently isnt doing so hot if it doesnt build a decent base it could keep losing exclusives and eventually not be developed for as much and be like xbox was last gen.

if you didnt own ps2 id say buy ps3 for sure cus there are so many good ps2 games that could keep you busy till ps3 picks up steam.

The PS3 is more comfortable for fighting games whereas the 360 is more comfortable for FPS games, in my experience. After that it really boils down to which system has / is getting the games exclusive to their systems that you’d want, unless you have a preference for fighting games or FPS games in general. If you want something that lasts, I’d say chances are good the PS3 will be releasing games longer under the condition that enoguh people buy it, much like the PS2. Microsoft straight up abandoned the X-Box when the 360 came out, so if you want a system that’ll last you a while… I’d say go with the PS3. The PS3 had a rough start in its first year, but people forget to mention that the 360 had a pretty tough first year as well… so soon enough the pace should be picking up. The Blu-ray will be useful once you get your HDTV… and the systems come out roughly the same price if you factor in next-gen DVD players (but the 360 elite includes the HDMI, the PS3 does not). The PS3 also does upconvert, which is a huge plus. The 360 has custom soundtracks, whereas the PS3 does not… but the PS3 can always patch it in.

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