What The Hell Is Grimace From McDonalds Supposed To Be?







What…you don’t recognize your own mother?

A stark reminder of how many lives colon cancer takes each year.

My nigga.


More like mother in law…

Not even gonna post a picture of SoVi3ts girl because I am eating.

Hes a flyin purple people eater obviously.

A clogged artery.

A mutated moldy chicken nugget. Is it not obvious?

a good reminder to fuel up with fresh nutritious mcdonalds

Looks exactly like the type of women you fuck/prefer fucking.

Beguiled threads got more words. What’s this? Just a bunch of gifs?

Someone already did, bro. Sorry.

Dr. B’s herald, come to warn us of B’s coming. B will devour us all. And we will all jizz.

It’s 2014 bro, no one gives a fuck about Dr. B, especially a bunch of scrubs that know nothing of Zoning…

Anal OG Wildin for lyfe.

That’s the Hamburglar’s enforcer. You fuck with them burgers, you got Purple to pay and he only takes grape-flavored rape dollars.

Holy shit, a thread in SRK GD that doesn’t end with “The Thread” designation.

Hahahaa of all threads R.P.D. Rook suddenly posts on this one. :rofl:



They also have this burger with ranch chips on it. Taking ideas right out of a school kids lunch.

@Drfatality - this name tagging is all screwed up now, SRK broken

Grimace is a kind of fungus if I’m not correct

Another reason SRK2014 sucks. Dr. B’s picture me rollin was probably the last good laugh I had from SRK