What The Hell Is a Late Tech?

simply put. what the hell is it? i am familiar with option select and crouch tech, but i got nothing for late tech. i keep hearing people refer to it when talking about teching throws. someone please explain it to me.

It’s essentially a crouch tech. I got into an argument with my roommate over whether or not it is exactly the same thing as crouch tech. Anyway, late tech is where you crouch and hit the “throw” command a few frames after you get put into block stun. That way if they were to attack you, you’d block the next hit, but if they were to throw, you’d tech the throw on some of its later frames.

Same thing as crouch teching. You can’t crouch tech “early” or anything, it has to be delayed. Also I think you can tech throws standing pretty late too, but people usually mean crouch tech when they say late tech.

A late tech is a tech that happens pretty much as late as is allowed to qualify as a throw tech. Usually happens when a person tries to react to the throw (looks for the person’s hands trying to grab them)

I don’t think a crouch tech is the same thing always, but could be depending on the timing…

Afaik theres a 10 frame tech window in this game, so a late tech is just normally a crouching OS tech aiming around the 10th frame that you come out of hit/block stun. This is to minimize the chances that you’ll stick out a limb and get counter-hit when you’re just trying to tech.
Are you naying what I’m meaning?

Techs shouldn’t exist.

Then why are they in every new fighting game? 3rd strike, SFIV, BlazBlue, all the 3D game. Obviously the old SF2 style throws are merely an example antiquated game design.

there’s a 10 frame tech window and throws take 3 frames to start up. if you do a crouch OS before the throw activates then the animation for a crouch short will start and you will be thrown out of it that is why you must do it during the last 7 frames of your opponents throw attempt to successfully tech the throw so that is why you much crouch tech a split second later than you think your opponent will attempt a throw.

I for one, welcome our new tick throwing overlords.

thanks fellas. thats what i thought, but i wasnt sure if i was missing something or not. sweet