What the fuck do I do against Nash?

I’m honestly beginning to think Vega is kinda free in this match or 6-4 in Nash’s favor at best. I feel like Nash can outpoke me and zone me with his fireballs. His V-trigger is just dumb, I can’t react to his dash and overall Nash just gives me a bad time. This shit is starting to fucking irritate me because I can’t figure out a viable strategy to conquer this shitstorm of a matchup.

I would post in the MU thread but I always get ignored in that bitch, so I’m making my own thread. Fuck it I don’t give a fuck. Also, claw on or off?

What rank are you? I notice that the lower rank Nash players are very balls out and smashers, while silver and above seem to be more reserved for the most part. When he starts throwing sonic booms, I either neutral jump or block and walk forward. I dont rely on Vega’s V-skill to go through them since slow ones are too slow. Moonsaults and Scythe Ill block and either keep blocking or throw a lk in there to see what kind of player they are. If they keep poking after one of those moves, Ill keep blocking. If not, it will interupt. Expect a throw in there as well. Nash walks slow as hell, but his dash is quick. So if he starts dashing up, I expect throw (Ive been wrong on that guess before though).

I am Gold rank, not that it means anything.

I’m still garbage and free as fuck.


The main thing that gives me shit is moonsault.

No matter how many videos I watch of Vega beating Nash, I just can’t deal with that shit.

Jump back MK is your go-to response any time nash leaves the ground. It covers a lot of lateral space, though if you do it too early you may get clipped out of the air. If he EXs it, block and kick V-Reversal to punish it. I would say don’t try and slide under it, since I tend to get caught if he does it while I’m trying to catch a dash forward, but i have scored weird crush counters with it. If he likes to do blockstrings into moonsault (and he shouldn’t) then you can heavy ASE preemptively when you read it and score a really damaging punish and make him think twice about it.

Good nash players will use it sparingly. It’s a powerful tool but it’s very vulnerable. If you can train yourself to react to him leaving the ground regardless you won’t have to think about it.

Ha ha I feel the same way fighting Alex with Ryu. I swear he could just harass me with normals within a certain range and there was fuckall I could do about it. His slash elbow seemed safe as fuck too.

Haha, I was saying this last night… You can sweep when he fireballs, I get a fair bit of mileage, even when it trades you will find your opponent less like to keep using booms. I’m pretty sure EX FBA will beat his somersault thing. Other than that I find QCB + mp pretty useful in this match up. But hey I’m only silver, I don’t get as much time to play as I’d like :slight_smile:

If raw just s.hk it, if canceled from a normal you can air throw it or slide to avoid it.