What strength air hadouken do you use?

While I jump back I use fierce, neutral jump with strong, and jump forward with jab hadouken. The only purpose I have for choosing these strengths is so that when I’m retreating the fast fireball gives them something to deal with, while im jumping forward I like having the slower hadouken lead just infront of me, strong hadouken just seemed like the next logical step for neutral jump lol

Is there a specific strength one should use for certain situations? Or is the difference in speed negligible?

well, those are all good uses. But overall there’s no absolute strength cuz there’s a counter to just about everything in this game and a counter to the counter and so on.

Sometimes if I’m feeling frisky I’ll do a early jump forward jab fireball. For the most part, I just do as you do.

Throwing air fbs at different points in the jump arc with different strengths, especially on wakeup pressure, is fun.