What Solder?

What kind of solder do I need?
I searched the forum already but I did not find and solid awnser.

I still have some Tin/Lead Solder but I thought this was not right for soldering a 360 PCB.

Can some kind person please give me a response?

Thanks in advance.

For padhacking anything conductive will work - it’s really a question of what you like to use.

So 40/60 Tin/Lead with rosin core will do the job?
Because I heard it was better to use a Lead free solder.

But if Tin Lead solder wont harm my PCB I guess I will go for that.

Assuming you haven’t soldered before, the tin lead solder will be the easiest. Lead solder flows easier than ones without. But, lead is bad for you, so don’t eat it, and try not to inhale fumes. There is no solder that will not work.

Thanks everyone =]

don’t use acid core solder