What size spade/lucar crimp terminals do i buy?

ive looked in about 10 shops in the uk and none of them do the right size spade/lucar crimp terminals for the sanwa obsf-30?

any help on locating some would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance


I use what’s known as Phone Type connectors, perfect fit for Sanwa buttons, plus they’re small and neat.

Failing that, go to an auto spares shop, they’ll have the right connectors, or eBay.

thanks,ill keep that in mind…will i have to buy a crimping tool aswell or can i do it with pliers instead?

and would you know what millimeter size terminals i should be looking for?

Crimping tools work better.

I got a tool that could strip wires, cut them, and cut the heads off bolts. Much cheaper than and just as good as purpose-built crimpers.

Pliers can crimp, too, but not as well and require more force. They’re just not built for that sort of job…

I found the crimps that I did with the crimper went faster and generally turned out better than anything I did with the pliers…

would you know what size the crimps are? coz i found a site that sells them but dunno what size to order?

anyone in the uk have a few to spare at all? about 8 or so? or know where i can buy them and what size i am actually looking for?


cant finish the repairs on my stick without it

you need 2.8mm for the buttons

thanks alot dude :slight_smile: thats all i needed to know

I solder mine and then bend the tabs over with pliers, gives a better connection. Had problems in the past with poor crimps so I solder everything now to make sure. :wgrin:

Did you look at the link? It says they’re 3.2mm, but I’m sure they’re slightly smaller than that, either way, they work. :wonder: