What should I learn first?

Hey guys long time no see. I just got TTT2 and haven’t played a Tekken game in a long time. But when I played online, I just realized I’m a scrub at 3d fighters xD! Since there are different fundamentals in a 3d fighting game, what should I know to be successful?


I don’t feel qualified to answer your question directly but I would bet the old advice rings true: be willing to take your losses like a man (or woman) and don’t give up. If there’s something wrecking you, don’t assume it’s cheap; find a solution to it. You and I are in this together, as people who are under-experienced in competing in Tekken online. Good luck to you (and to me, an old Tekken 2 Nina and Jun Kazama lover).

back dash canceling
wave dashing
and tag stuff.

:eek: One word.


I’m new to 3D fighters as well so I also have a question. I play alot of street fighter and the only have like 2-10 moves per character. Tekken characters have like 100. How can I tell which moves are safe?

Read. Learn. Practice.


Also check aris YT page (AvoidingThePuddle) he has great Tekken tutorials.

The best way is by reading frame data. The fastest move in Tekken is a standing 1 at i10 (10 frames of startup), so if a move is greater than -10 on block, it’s safe.

People who are new to Tekken will have to practice fluid movement - Tekken feels really, really stiff when you first pick it up so you need to develop a rhythm for moving around. This takes a long time, just be patient. Also go through the fight lab where it will have you practice blocking and punishing, since the timing on punishing is earlier than you think it will be (you have to input the command for the punish while you’re in blockstun if it’s a block punish, you can’t wait for the attack to end and then counter.).

This isn’t quite true. While, on average, i10 (jabs) can be considered the fastest attacks, there are moves that are faster. Many parries activate on the first frame, many reversals activate on the 3rd - 4th frame, Yoshi flash (1+4) hits on i6, Raven SDW 1 hits on i8, Ling b+1 hits on i8-i9 (dependent on range). Then at the same time there are standing 1 that’s don’t hit on i10, such as Jack and Ganryu.

Cool, I knew that Jack and Ganryu don’t have i10 jabs but I didn’t know about the moves that are faster than i10. Since they’re so specific one can plan around those for fighting those characters.

Thank you for the help man

Look up videos on how you improve your combos or try your best in the fight lab to grasp a better understanding of the character you want to use and the moves you plan on executing.

Movement, how blocking is different in Tekken compared to Street fighter, and how to get up after getting knocked down.

Learn Virtua Fighter. Then learn Tekken Tag 1 or Tekken 6, because fundamentals don’t mean shit in Tekken Tag 2.