What Seperates the Pretenders from the Contenders?

A lot of Balrogs have the same playing style. He doesn’t have too much mix ups and what not so it seems like every time I watch another Balrog play, It seems we have a very similar playing style. That being said, What seperates an amazing Balrog from an average one? If both people have there execution down for there combos and ultra set ups and what not, what is the key things that makes some Balrog players better then the others?

I think what your getting at doesnt just apply to rog players, i think this is applied generally to all players.

I can think of a few, although im no pro or any good id say but the ability to

  • react not guess
  • poke and counter poke
  • play mind games
  • read your own and opponents habits

I think theres plenty more but i cant think of them right now.

Really good Balrogs aren’t afraid to give up their charge.

this is especially true on wake-up. give up the charge and let the defense do the work.

Agreed. I dont mind if I dont have to charge.

They “walk forward” man thats intimidating!

*Balrogs who know and understand his godly normals.
*Balrogs who know and understand his yummy safe specials (+follow ups)
*Balrogs with solid defense.
*Balrogs with solid offense.
*Balrogs who can swap between the above two on demand depending on situation and opponent, beit the “Turtle” the “In & Out” or the “FORWARD” style all mentioned in the sticky thread from “thxyoutoo”. Very few Balrogs are capable of all of them, usually just one or two.
*Balrogs with solid footsies and spacing.

Pretenders will have a handful, Contenders have most if not all of it.

I’m a one-track Balrog, the type who has absolutely no problem walking forward and getting right in your face preferring aggression to the cheesy lame turtle style though admittedly I’d win more if I stuck to the more defensive style. I lack footsies and spacing so it’s all about throwing off the opponent with above forward motion and using cheap tricks rather than skill but it gets the job mostly done at my mediocre level.

Then I go and watch matches of, say, Keno and it is both amazingly satisfying to see Balrog being played so well, as well as humiliating to know that I have probably 0.1% of the blokes talent all because I’m too stubborn to change my ways.

A competant Balrog knows their capabilities inside and out, and adopts the appropriate style topped off with the typical mindgames and mixups , knowledge of matchups, execution etc etc

Funnily enough the majority of all this applies to every single player with whatever character they choose so it’s not Balrog exclusive but you get the idea.

I am admittedly a fan of many specific Balrog players but Keno’s movie is the one freshest in mind as I watched several of the ones up on Machinima website so I’ll just post it:

Honestly, 99.9999999% execution accuracy, options selects on demands, knows the matchup inside and out and doesn’t rely entirely on fancy shinanigans to get the job done. Just a joy to watch.