What seperates pro players from everyone else?

Is it that they know all the frame data? Do they play more? What makes infiltration so good and the others?

They are smarter than you and have better reactions

So practice?

More than any other factor, they are better at adapting to an opponent. A lot of mid level players know how to play SF4, but don’t know how to play the other guy playing SF4

Oh, is there some way to learn how to download your opponent or not get downloaded lol?

They get paid.

They practice, they play against high-quality competition, they attend as many tournaments as they can, and they understand how to analyze and improve themselves as a player.

They are fucking hungry for winning and love the game.

Hunger is the main part of what sets a normal player apart from a professional.
These guys hate sucking and hate losing above all else so they’re willing to put in unholy amounts of practice and thought into it and make many sacrifices in order to have the time for it.


as the greatest solo mid SF player of all times once said.

There’s no shortcut to success.

To not get downloaded you have to mix it up. If you throw after your j.HK was blocked every time then your opponent will see the pattern and punish you. Understanding your opponent’s tendencies and mindset is the difference between blocking a mixup and countering it. As for downloading, the simplest way to explain it is pattern recognition.

As for what makes a pro player better than everyone else, to me it’s how much information they can keep track of at the same time while playing and making split second decisions with that information.

There is no difference between pro players and everyone else.

  1. Natural ability
  2. Regular practice against high level or pro players, frequent attendance of tournaments
  3. Lot of work on their own in the lab, frame data analysis, watching elite players in streams/vids

That is my theory anyways.

i feel like you just peeked into my soul.

i usually dont realize im playing against an ass until after i lose, and im pretty slow with coming up with counter strategies

also i usually dont mix my tactics enough until after i get punished for them.

lastly if i get a read on another players tendency, im always caught off guard if or when they adapt. as a result im usually not ready for whatever their next action is

Practice. I’m certain they play 5-10 hours a day worth, maybe more when a tournament is near.

EDIT: They also get to practice against high-level players consistently, something which not everyone is able to do.



Analyzing your own replays will get you there quicker than everybody else. But man,
is it boring.

Bigger bellies and no jobs

the fact they congregate more as a whole…

its osmosis to some degree…if you shadowed daigo every time he plays and play the same groups, your ga me would improve faster than not doing so…

remember sf 2 , when the same guys took ur lunch money at 7-11 everyday before school? eventually you’d be able to matched skill levels? hopefully…

They’ve practiced and achieved a high level in various elements of the game across the board… Frame/setup/mixup/matchup knowledge for many characters, match psychology, efficient and well practiced combos and character use, practice and experience with other high level players. Some get results through hard practice but i think some do get accelerated results by analysing the elements of their game and other’s in more efficient and smart ways and logically trying to negate risks in their play. eg possibly Infiltration…

That they have people dickriding them instead of looking at them as targets.

They beat everyone else.

Most important is reflexes. Followed by knowledge, matchup experience and finally the ability to read your opponent.

The last 3 are intrinsically linked and excelling at 1 or more of them is enough to see you past most decent mid level players. But you cant increase reaction time, its genetic. and when you play a daigo, wong or hart in person you will see how much faster their hands react than yours and realise why thwy do so well.