What really sets Esports apart from Sports

I wrote a long piece about it because I feel passionate about the subject and I though you guys might be interested. Check, check it.


Can’t take anything called “e-sports” seriously.

While I wouldn’t completely discredit it, ‘e-sports’ doesn’t even have a fraction of mental or physical stress associated with athletics - so I refuse to associate it with sports.

I agree that potatoes are just potatoes (or ‘stream monsters’ in case of video games), but you need to keep in mind that there are a lot of people that actively participate in sports that they are fan of. It just so happens that higher rate of ‘fans’ of competitive video games are involved players themselves because the barrier of entry is so low. Not everybody can say “hey I’m gonna start playing full contact football today” or “hey I’m gonna start kickboxing today” or “hey I’m gonna start running marathons today” because there is so much work that needs to be put in mentally and physically - while the act of picking up a controller or a arcade stick and start to press buttons is just sooooo much easier.

Most people that would be potatoes with sports can just easily jump into ‘competitive gaming’.

I hear the handsome fat man totally posted about this too…

Let’s see if SRK will let me post now. What sets the two apart you ask?

Here, we have sports:

And here, we have E-sports:


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Lol yEah e-sports is a stupid term. 8 year olds smashing 20 year olds. Fat asses like floe, marn, and justin wong.

Athletes? Lol
Can’t we call it something? I mean wsop is not called a sport even though it is on espn.

I think video games have the same amount of skill as involved in poker.

I would never call it sports.

Competitive Video game playing makes it sound grounded in reallity and not make it sound so stupid

It is not a sport, it is a competition. Just like poker or chess.

Not physically taxing like nascar or bass fishing.

Trying to call it a sport makes the players look even more like losers.

Fps players making six figures for playing or even starcraft players making 5 figures makes no sense to me.

Memorize maps and win.

E-sports just sounds wrong

Competitive Gaming sounds less repugnant

the “E” see wasn’t hard to see what sets it apart.

On a more serious note, E-Sports is a BAD term to use, competitive gaming really blends the line between sports and chess. Competitive gmaing requires the same amount of dedication AS a full blown sport. How many horus a day was Poongko training his Seth? The mental go back and fourth of a video game is actually GREATER than that of a sport. Where plays are equivalent to B-n-Bs, the parts away from it have a far greater rock-paper-scissors approach. The stress induced is pretty similar IMO between sports and competitive gaming.

The only real difference is the physical focus of hand execution/movement verse full body execution and stamina.

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A sport is a real sport. E-sport is a lame term given in the hopes to putting games in the same class as sports. Why not just accept that the two are different entities and focus on bringing gaming to the mainstream on it’s own merits. I mean, you can say that it fighting games take the same dedication and skill as soccer or tennis, but Joe public’s probably not going to buy it.

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