What pisses you off most in games?

In fighters: Bad and predictable players. People who mash out SRK on wakeup, do random Specials even if they don’t combo, etc.

In Black Ops: The respawn issue. In that game the enemy will spawn a few feet behind you too often. That and general lag. When some dude teleports infront of you and stabs you, man that’s a kicker.

In FPS in general: Team Idiocy. I’ve been playing Monday Night Combat and it’s a fantastic game. But team idiocy makes its presence known. I can take out the turrets, the enemy money ball is just hanging there and my team will not move in and will not spawn bots. That’s just one example. I can take losing, but not when my team is made of incompetents.

The prices. The games are too damn expensive!

All recently made games piss me off.

It seems theres more shitty games then ever. Even in this Snes and Gensis days I think were the best. Those games were made with a lot of time and patience, and imagination. Games now a days have to look good, and have a lot of blood and gore. Even if they suck people will buy them. Theres been a few games though that broke away from that like Bioshock and Demon Souls. Though all people care about now is money

The fact that PC games today are all mostly poorly coded ports of a console version. Game devs should make a good work the same on each system, whether it be xbox, ps3, or PC. In the past, games were amazing on PC and they worked hard. Now they just worry about console versions, and hand over the work to some unknown developers to quickly toss out a PC version.

And game devs still ask why so many people pirate games? Because they spend too little time working on them to be good, and then shell them out for $50, $60, $70.

pretty much the FUCKIN BULLSHIT! haha

It seems as time goes on creativity decreases within society to the point where every game is a copy of another or just has the same repetitive aspects, this also applies to films; think about it, how many films released this year were not sequels or remakes and were actually good?, not many.

That games now these days are short and expensive at the same time.

The COD series pisses me off in that it constantly comes close to surpassing the awesomeness that was COD4, but screws itself out of that pleasure on some dumb shit. Infinity Ward may produce the most radical/cool ideas, but they care more about “awesome” looking stuff than balance. Treyarch will have balance, but lackluster presentation/not enough balls to TRULY change things around. It seems the intense high of that first COD4 hit will never be achieved again, but us fans will keep chasing.

So, I guess COD4 IS crack, in a way.

Other than that, price. 60 bucks for a fucking game? I thought the N64 died…

Shoddy controls and bad hit boxes. Shoddy controls is simple enough but Bad hit boxes are something else. The recent rather good CV:LOS suffers from some enemies having attacks whose hit box is active quiet a bit before the animation of the move hits you.

RTS games that you can’t perfect because the keyboard is so hard to maneuver. and then fighting games because of lack of dexterity.

Rubberband A.I. - The number one reason I don’t mess with sports games.

Bad team-mates.

that doesnt make sense since the RTS are MADE for the keyboard, if your having problems with the keyboard, I dont know what to tell you. Try playing RTS on a game pad for a console its a lot worse.

And other thing pisses me off is people saying 1st person shooters are better on console, the mouse and keyboard is a million times better

I hate Mouse and Keyboard for most any type of gaming but aside from Halo I don’t play FPS in any kind of competetive fashion and I’m not very good anyway.

Yes. . . . . . . . . yes. . .


And also, any game that Seems to do some DUMB SHIT right when I’m having fun. Like FFXIII and those fucking Eidolon battles.

Money grubbin’, headcase, impunity-wielding bitches.

As I see it.

Besides the newer generations of gamers…

Cheating, bullshit-ass AI. When the cpu bends or even breaks its own rules just to make sure the player will lose, fuck that garbage. This is one reason why 99% of racing games are absolute trash unless you play against real people online. Where is the fun in trying to beat a cpu opponent that will just arbitrarily decide “Oh well I’m 10x faster than you right now, so I caught up even though you had a ridiculous lead exactly 2 seconds ago.” Or how 'bout non-ninja characters in Mortal Kombat II suddenly gaining the ability to slide under projectiles (*note: Yeah, this is supposed to be impossible. BARAKA CANNOT SLIDE.)? Get the hell outta here with that. Or how 'bout Jade from UMK3 deciding "Oh well ANY of my moves beat out ALL of your moves, and I’ll controller-read the shit out of your ass with my Xavier-level psychic abilities." Yeah, get the fuck outta here with that too. It would be nice if she were real so we could then kill that bitch for real…then resurrect her so she can die over and over and over again. Rape that bitch with a chainsaw too. Or how 'bout in Modnation Racers when cpu characters decide “Well, you hit me with a level 3 attack but I can recover from it 3 times faster than you, so I’m still ok. I also have +10 acceleration and +10 handling, speed, 100x your boost meter if I feel like it and all that.” (*still the best kart-racer of all time, but fuck that.) Or how 'bout cpu players in the old NFL Blitz just lightly brushing whoever is running the ball and causing a fumble 100% of the goddamn time…or all your throws leading to interceptions simply because the cpu feels like it’s time to try and make a comeback. Yeah, fuck that too.

I was debating saying this with the addition of old heads who do nothing but bitch about new games as well. They’re both an equal amount of fucking annoying.