What other games are you guys into?

Not just fighting games, any kind. Just kind of curious.

Gran turismo 5,
tourist trophy when I still had my ps2…
uhh the MGS series…a very small handfull of jrpgs I play once in a blue moon(like 3 I can recall).

thats about it. I don’t really like games anymore to be honest, just a few fighters

Timesplitters 3
Left 4 Dead 2
Warcraft 3

I sunk a significant portion of my early teenage years in Final Fantasy Tactics


Got DMC HD collection recently. Found my old copy of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, and just beat Super Mario Bros. on the NES for the first time a few days ago.

fallout is the shit. There’s like everything in that game. I ate a cockroach just the other day and then severed some ladies leg and carried it around with me on overpasses looking for unsuspecting underpassers.

Outside of 3s and fallout there’s a lot to list. I’ll do that later.

oh also spent a decade playing SSBM and was never at any point any good at it

I just bought Doom 3 on the 360. Never got to play it before because I never had a good enough PC. It hasn’t aged particularly well graphically but it doesn’t look like shit either.

I’d be playing Project Justice right about now if I still had my Dreamcast. I also play Bemani games(DDR, IIDX, Pop’n).

Playing Deus EX: Human Revolution atm. I’m at about the 20 hour mark. Very good game, honestly im surprised to see next gen devs blend game depth, atmosphere, story, gameplay and graphics into one quality package. Usually its always one above the other or its all crap, haven’t seen this since the xbox/ps2/gamecube era.

I’m nuts about old arcade games and shmups, so if I’m not playing fighters I’m probably playing something along those lines. I recently discovered Tetris Battle Gaiden and I’m LOVING it. Best Tetris spin-off game, up there with Tetris DS super ultra versus insanity. One of my favorite vs puzzle games in general really. Puzzle Fighter is still the king, but I’m also partial to Kirby Star Stacker and oddly enough, Pokemon Trozei. You can’t beat classic Tetris though.



Almost always it’s a fighting game of some sort. When it’s not a fighting game it’s a shmup or an adventure game.

Right now it’s

P4A and my 2nd play through of Beneath a Steel Sky.

Oh and slowly crawling through Persona 3: FES.

Dark Souls
Arcanum (I’m a sucker for old PC rpgs)
Fallout 1&2 (New Vegas is ok too I guess)
Walking Dead adventure series
Catherine, and pretty much any good puzzle game I can find on XBL

Mostly old skool 2D games
it’s rare if I play anything besides 3S but I’ve been working on:
Akumajou Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
Soul Nomad(NIS strat rpg)

Quake Live