What options for a 2p stick?

I’ve collected a lot of sticks over the past few years, and I have around 10 total now.

What I don’t have is a 2p panel style stick. I am willing to get pretty technical with mods, so I am not afraid of a project.

What options make sense to get a high quality 2p panel? I don’t have the ability to fabricate a case myself, so I am looking at likely gutting an already made 2p stick. So far, I know of the Japanese HSS-0130, which is really my dream arcade stick. I’d likely wire up 2 MC Cthulu with RJ45’s if I were able to get my hands on one. The problem is that they go for $300+ and are not easy to find. After spending that money, I’m going to end up dropping another $100 for 2 joysticks, and ~18 buttons. $400 just for getting all Sanwa parts + the case.

If I am spending $400 on a chasis/buttons, for me, it might make sense to just purchase 2 of the SFxT V.S. sticks with a mounting plate and call it a day.

So my question to you all; how can I make this project work for less than the cost of 2 SFxT V.S. sticks.

Lets assume you get them on sale this weekend, then you’re looking at under $300 (assuming you’re in North America). It would be next to impossible to get it cheaper than that price considering the cost of materials and parts alone will go over that price as it is.

Unless of course, you get everything for free…

Enjoy your SfxT VS’s :slight_smile:

How about getting a 2p Astro panel and build off from there? I guess unless you already have the parts, it will still cost you about the same, if not more.

On sale this weekend? Hmmm. What?

https://twitter.com/MadCatz/status/258637359967522817 Sticks


https://twitter.com/MadCatz/status/258637423620272128 Pads

Oh, damn. Hot damn. Thank you sir.

Thank Markman and Co.

This is what you want…check out post #25335 in this thread:



I went the SFXT VS route and printed up some fake astro city art.

That is sexy as hell, and I think I might go that direction with some blast city artwork myself.

Also, I’d seen a thread done about taking an actual panel and getting it up and running. I saw someone do it with a Sega Bass Fishing panel or something that they snagged off eBay. I would imagine getting an actual panel like that isn’t exactly easy, but I would feel a lot better going that route than just taking the easy way out with a SFxT V.S.

The hss is a beautiful stick. The problem is once you are 400+ in to it. (customized) you might as well put that toward a cab. Two player sticks are a gateway drug.

Cost me a lot more than a sfxt vs. set.

I wanna play too!


my turn!

I guess since everyone’s chiming in… Here’s my old set that I don’t use anymore, all Happ parts.

CvS2. niceeeeee. I like what this thread has turned into, but I can already feel my pockets emptying.

these two player sticks need more graphics…they are pretty plain…it’s a shame to have a huge canvas and not use it :smiley:

I’m shocked… SHOCKED that yours doesn’t have more BEWBS

LoL, oh you know me so well…this was the first draft…lol…

Still have some work to do on my Dual VS before I post it up. I might have to get someone to make the art for me.