What must be done so that THE BRU is to write the script for the Captain America film

Topic, let’s face it; if the idiots at Hollywood want to make a Captain America movie that will awe the viewer and have some good critical praise, THE BRU must write or assisst in writing the script.

Who is the Bru?

I hope to hell the Cap movie will be even better than Iron Man.

I was such a Cap fanboy when I was a kid and I still remember that awful movie from the 90s…

Hell, I almost cried when I found out he was assassinated.

Marvel Studios (Not Fox, Newline, Lionsgate or Sony) is making the movie just like Hulk and Iron Man, so it’s a given that Marvel writers will be involved in some capacity, just like Hulk and Iron Man.

Don’t think that Bru will write the script or even assist in writing it because chances are that would take him away from writing comics for months on end (afterall, millions of dollars along with a lot of jobs are at stake). Chances are he and the Marvel staff will have a lot of input in the final script.

TBH I wouldn’t mind him taking a break from comic books to script the movie.

…and Kazu if you’re not reading the Captain America comic you’re not worthy of your av :arazz:

If it was a modern era movie, sure. But from what I understand, it will take place during World War II. I don’t see anything in the film they want to make absolutely requiring Bru writing it. Hollywood makes 100 war movies a year. Get a person to write a believable script, have Bru overlook it and make changes and/or adjustments when needed, call it a day.

Comics > Comic Book Based Movies. Bru is already doing what is more important IMHO.

Anyway, after Cap and Thor get their own movies they will unite with Iron Man / Robert Downey Jr. for an Avengers movie in 2012 that will take place in the modern era. Marvel Studios knows what they are doing, have a little bit of faith. Do not confuse them with Fox.