What martial art did mr. karate use in Art of Fighting I

What martial art did Mr. Karate use in Art of Fighting I? Yes, this is a serious question. AZ Beast and I were trying to remember what it was. I know it was something nuts like, Dark Karate, Bad Karate, Evil Karate, but can’t quite remember because we are old (and so is the game).

Kyokugen Karate…

what does kyokugen mean? i remember laughing our asses off at the translation in the SNES game.

Last I checked “Serious Karate” Or “Extreme Karate…”

well, that may be the correct translation (and thanks for the response Geese), but it was something else in the SNES game and it was really silly. it’s times like this that i wish that i hadn’t done soo many drugs. anyone else remember?

“Extreme Utmost Limit”, according to what I’ve read.

From what I remember (recently played it and all), “Cheap-ass Boss” Style.:annoy:

lol, thats too funny. Im goona beat u up with my Extreme Utmost Limit Style. makes u sound like ur on steriods. :rofl:

That’s just a rough translation.

In Japanese, “Kyokugen” simply is a general term that means the highest point, or degree, of something.

Mr. Karate and the whole Sakazaki family plus Robert is based on Kyokushin-kai martial arts.

This was by a famous Korean fighter named Masutatsu Oyama, theirs a movie about him called “Fighter in the wind”. I remember when I was watching it thinking Ive seen this fighting style somewhere before, but where? and then it clicked when he did the Ryo Sakazaki win pose.

After watching that film I can see why Mr. Karate is such a tough boss, because this guy was one tough bastard he actually fought bulls, his the only guy I think who could take on Bruce Lee and win, he even has his own one inch punch which Im sure also inspired that big punch move Takuma has.

The film might over do it with the FX but after reading about the guy, I woulnt say they were far off.

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Fighter in the wind was a badass movie…

you’re kidding me, right? a thread about Ryo Sakazak …i mean Mr. Karate. success on the thread.

…because Ryo SakazakiISMR.KARATE

btw, thank you Dark Geese and Return of Shiki for answering the origin of Rugal Bernstein.


But…we’re talking about when Takuma was Mr Karate…

Not to turn this into a VS. thread but come on…really…the ONLY guy?

Obviously Hokuto Shinken.

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Um… I looked through the manual (here) and I haven’t found anything “funny” or out of place.
Of course that is the European manual… so it might be different than the US release. Take a look.