What Makes You Sad Thread

So in the Naruto thread, Unreallystic decides to bring up some sad stuff to describe where man tears may come out. I figured why not have a thread for it. Sometimes you just need a good cry. So post videos of what you think deserves us manly men to cry.

My choice? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will’s dad leaves him again:


So what are yours?

Zack and Kelly breakup.

Slut whore.

Put up a video so I know what the hell you’re talking about.

People with bigger dicks than me.

Being sad sounds like one of them “emotional” things that happens to women when they get on their periods or after they decide to abort their baby.

You know, stuff that only happens to you and other bitches when they forget to take their daily dose of vitamin Dick.

Too many to list. Hence the name, “Dramatix”.

The song a cowboy sings.

Jesus this thread is for manly tears, not any of your pussy shit,

X-men the last stand and X-men origins Wolverine…Seriously, What the fuck happened?!
I don’t expect comic to movie adaptations to follow the comics exactly but I at least expect them to be entertaining and not rape the characters.

I feel sad for someone being rejected but this always comes into my mind and I lolz afterwards.

[details=Spoiler]RYU close jab EX SRK. Err anti air, double triple up if he parried air to my ground normals.
Turned into jab jab Shinkuu-- he full parried it from RED. Boy did I look stupid. ;[
He was on the ground, this is SF3, not 4 jabbbity jab confirms. He landed like 2 times on empty jump already in my quest to stand around and anti air him, telegraph.[/details]

Gets no sadder than semicolon code left bracket.

This actually isn’t a FGD/SF3/or Saikyo Dojo better placed post, which is ridiculous.
Sup again GD. angelpalm. :nods:

Maybe its a SF2 forum post cuz he’s pretty dope @ ST?

whys this shit give me 2 spoiler boxes?

The third to last episode of Cowboy Bebop - session 24: Hard Luck Woman.


When RayRay lost to Fanatiq. I mean I saw it coming, but it’s the kind of thing you can’t brace yourself for, y’know? I kept stoneface, but the tears just started flowing.

OMG! Your avatar is simultaneously awesome and seizure inducing!

Jesus christ sob

Fat children
Country music
Oprah Winfrey

I think people are confused between “manly tears” and “crying like a bitch”!


Don’t make us bitch-slap you.

We don’t need to hear the crying.

Mufasa dying in the Lion King…

Hello, I was born in 1990. So this is my mandatory answer.


This one, is however, much, much fucking sadder. All I can think of is how everyone I know is going to die someday when hearing this, with a visual record of my childhood in the background of my mind the entire time.


I’m going to type as I listen to record what comes to mind.

1 second later. No.

I can’t.

Oh man.

Reflexively looked at my glass of milk and balled my fist.

This isn’t looking good.

Shit comes back to you that you thought you forgot.

I need to be a good father someday.

And a good husband.

I hope I never cheat on my wife in the future.

I hope I can be better than that.

I think I can, and I feel that I can, but I don’t know that I can.

This life shit is crazy.

I just want to be a good person is all.