What makes you not Salty?

**I remember watching Evo and Scumbag got mad when he lost, so i’m guessing this happens sometimes at high level gameplay as well.

What I want to know is, what makes you not salty while you play?

Also, does being calm even if you lose mean you don’t care?

I recognize that I’m playing a videogame.

well in olden times, guile’s strong zoning in ST used to get me amped up, but that was a loooong time ago

When I hit links that I find difficult.

When I feel like I was actually playing intelligently, rather than just throwing out random shit.

When I counter things on reaction.

When I get out of bad habits and start mixing things up rather than doing the same old stale stuff.

When I Cross Counter an Ultra, ESPECIALLY Blanka’s Ultra 1 XD.

I just chill and realise I am playing a game as well as taking into account that if I let my emotions run wild I wont be playing “productively” or to learn.

Being calm is important. If you lose and you care you dont need to get angry, you need to practice more.


Finding a character that I actually like… sorry, but I can’t enjoy the game if there isn’t a character I like. I’m about to give up on SSF4 for this very reason.

On second thought that probably makes me sound really salty. Oh well…

Playing the game in the mindset of playing Chess.

It helped me alot, I used to sweat hard and get jumpy, Smacking the damn gate hard as hell doin DP motions and smash on buttons, getting headaches then get frustrated as hell*(From being mindfucked most likey lol):rofl:*

But playing it in the mindset of a game of chess or any other non verbal game helped me. Makes me think clear, moves come out crispy clean and it keeps my sodium level down:razzy:. And when i lose its like hey its whatever no stress or worries.

I put all the flashy show physics and moves behind me and it just a regular competition game in general…Like chess or monopoly which make me feel relaxed, Then i will adapt my opponent’s playstyle sooner or later (Next round, or next time we play together) and dominate dat ass.:woot:

When you’re playing for money, be it a Money match or a tournament, it’s no longer just a “video game”.


Stupid question.

Evaluate why I lost instead of screaming non-sense to the TV or other players. Shit talking is a pre-game strategy.

being calm when you lose can equal many things, not just you don’t care
one could be assessing the situation they were in that caused them to be beaten with a cool calculated head, because when you’re in a salty mood you can’t really think, can you? i tend to look at clockw0rk vs. dark prince money match as an example, as well as daigo’s robotic demeanor

Being a personal friend of scumbag I can assure you he wasn’t salty.
He just likes to throw sticks in general, it was the current fad here for a while in AZ.


in general…

I don’t get salty losing to someone better than me or due to my own execution or gameplay mistakes. Losing to someone on a similar or, I feel, lesser level will get my sodium level rising regardless of anything else. People take saltiness the wrong way I think sometimes. As long as you realize why you are mad and use that energy to improve your game I don’t see it as a bad thing. I used to get so mad when I would lose to random, scrubby tactics, now I just beat them and laugh.

I do both of these things.

It’s still just a videogame.


Something tranquil with no lyrics, stuff like Liquid DnB, IDM, Electronica.

how do you figure scumbag is a high level player. lol

Winning or playing against someone who gives a great match. Heck, I can even take my losses if I’m at least having a good match.

It’s still a video game. Just a potentially profitable (or the antithesis) one.