What makes KOFiend way bettar then all the other Yangs?

Not trying to put down KOFiend, I’m just asking. Oh, and by all other Yangs, I mean all other Yangs here.

Is it his superior footsie skills?
Lots of experience?
Extensive matchup knowledge?
Is he using hax/option selects?

No. No fucking way.

lol wtf?


lol. okay, perhaps not Kei, but definitely Roshi

KOFiend feel free to criticize all the scrubby Yangs here and tell them what they do wrong…

i thought all yangs played the same? bait mixup ex slashes?

what makes him good is he gets off his stun combos in evo and shit :tup:

kofiend presses buttons nonstop in matches even in the transition to the next round. Its hypnotizing.

Man when i saw Kofiend playing at the Game Newton foreigners tournament, he was running cross up dive in the corner on knock down and then somehow landing s.mk on the other side constantly on people. It was pretty cool.

What makes Kofiend so good? He’s prolly close to the best Yang in America. Although im sure there are guys over in CA who would give him a run.

KOFiend has yet to spill the beans.

kofiend is baked most of the time when playing that’s why he’s so good

potheads FTW

He is a haxor.