What makes a good fighting game?

I read the Indie Game article and thought of this. If I were to make one, what should it be like? I know that gameplay’s the most important thing in a fighting game, but what else do people like? I mean, things like play-style, modes, characters, netcode, etc…

roll super
just defend
short jumps
roll cancel
custom combos
guard meter


KOF(If you disregard the netcode):razzy:

Not but seriously, it depends on what type of fighter your trying to make.

we already have a thread disscusing this subject

Depends on the person. Few people believe that video games is a social event. A large amount of people believe that video games is entertainment. The rest who don’t consider video games entertainment don’t play video games.

Ever watch a Muay Thai match or anything? You want to see someone get hit and you may also look at the girls during the round breaks. That’s about it.