What major FG is closest to SSBM?

If you were trying to get a long-time SSBM fan into more traditional fighting games, where would you start? From mindset to how the game plays out, what fighting game is SSBM closest to?

Just play whatever that’s good and rewards fundamentals.

He has never played SSBM.

There are no games like that anymore. All these games are like the gameboy version of SSBM.

Give him anything because nothing else is like the SB games.

I know that he hates SSBB because it’s slow and floaty and he says it’s not as competitively interesting, so I was thinking I might steer him away from most newer games. I was thinking ST or 3S starting off, or KoF 13 if that floats his boat. I wonder what the risk/reward scenario there is and what’s close to that, but I’m not familiar enough with the game to have any real idea.

MvC2 for sure.

Rewards execution (like Melee) has 1 touch deaths/ 1 touch into hard to escape reset (like melee) and even zoning, like melee. However it is less reliant on footsies but melee isn’t super footsie heavy, thats more brawl.

Huh, that’s interesting. I don’t have much experience with MvC2 myself so that might be ideal. If it’s got similarities to SSBM it may interest him, and I won’t have too much of a head start on him so it’ll be easier to matchup. Dreamcast is the version to get for that game, right?

Dreamcast is the closest to arcades but PS360 versions have online play.

What’s his main in Melee? There’s a huge amount of characters in Marvel 2, probably a good idea to see what kind of style he likes before having him chuck himself at the game randomly.

There’s actually a game being developed right now that’s supposed to be sort of a bridge between classic Street Fighter games and the Smash Bros. series but it’s a fan game for an online comic so it’ll be forever until even the beta is out. :U

He plays Sheik and Peach. Mostly Sheik.

Sheik’s one of them pixie characters IIRC. Light and fast. He’d probably enjoy Magneto.

Cool thanks. I’ll suggest that to him.

Is the 360 port competent at least? I haven’t done enough research but IIRC the PS2 version had some issues right?

I’ve never had any issues with it but I never played the arcade version so I don’t have much of a basis for comparison.

shiek is busted in melee so just have them use whatever character has the most busted grab setups in mvc2.

but really everything is pretty radically different than smash. mvc2 is definitely along those lines though. or mvc3 I guess.

King of Fighters, all that short hop nonsense seems right up a Smash player’s alley.

Plus its a good game with a lot of fun characters.

I would say UMVC3 is a good starting point. Also TvC is a good way to go its a fun game, its for the Wii, and has lots of interesting characters. I would say TvC is probably your best bet!

Im also a reformed SSB player so I can speak from experience on what would fit their style.

From what I can tell, MvC2’s pretty dead/dying. If you can actually get enough play on it, certainly do so because it’s a great game.

Keep a look out for Skull Girls as it’s along the same lines.

UMvC3. At least in my area, a lot of Smash players have gone into playing UMvC3, and they seem to be taking to it like a fish to water. That plus the fact that there’s a ton of competition for that game makes it the ideal choice.

Going to second UMvC3 as well. While I was primarily a Melee player, I played Brawl but also tried to learn MvC2 and 3S… I didn’t find a game I liked until MvC3 and now UMvC3. I think the pace matches Melee more.