What made your game skyrocket?

simple question.

ever had an epiphany and that epiphany lead your game to get much better and it was immediately noticeable… kinda like figuring out how to wiff punish moves when you never knew how… etc etc.
examples given should be fundamental in nature and after that game specific ie fundamental:

when i learned how to do cancels with ease.

marvel specific:

when i picked up phoenix, when i learned non xfactor tods for all 3 of my characters

for me myself my example is fundamental and applies to sf4:

when i picked up a character with a really good AA and learned how to abuse it, meaning make sure i was always in the perfect range to do it (ie never linger at distances where im jump attackable but not in the correct position to use my best AA)

for me the character was ibuki, just being able to shut down 80% of the casts jump in game made a huge impact on my game that was noticeable the instant i learned how to really apply it.

so how about you guys, what really gave your game some OOMPH so to speak?


This might not apply for everyone, but I met a great Chun-Li player that said he grinded to get better by playing for long periods of time. I myself cannot do that so I haven’t improved a whole bunch, but I’m still improving by playing a little at a time. It’s also nice to know people that already play the game at a high level and ask them to train with you.

learn a decent punish for when the opp makes a mistake, this really helps at a low level since there will generally be a lot of whiff punish oppertunities. (cr.HP into falling sky using abel :D)

i stopped making threads in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo :cool:

Sf4: learning how to late crouch tech.

When I learned there is a shortcut button for all punches and all kicks. Made ultras and EX moves possible finally when I first started playing.

Pick a character, Practice, Profit.

This one. Under the gun when a Ken suddenly sails up in the air in front of you and you’ve got that half second to think about all the great ways to smack him around, having one really really solid punish in your pocket that you know you can always pull out is probably the biggest improvement I’ve made. Just walking up for a throw or sweeping them as they come back down gets thrown out by a lot of new players and it’s a habit I had to break.

I stopped playing. Yeah, I stopped playing for a while and compared what I was doing to Top Players.

And then I jumped back on Training Mode to practice setups and situations. Taking a break actually helped me understand what I was doing wrong.

So is choosing a single character and sticking firmly to that one character better than spreading yourself among each character when you first start out?

I feel like I did the first when I started playing SSFIVAE and SFxT, so I didn’t do well because I didn’t know matchups or what moves the opponent had or what they could do.

My game has yet to skyrocket, but I think a big part of improving is thinking about what the other guy wants to do, which comes from knowing a lot of different characters. But you should definitely main a character.

I stopped trying to dodge or stuff every move under the sun and learned to appreciate the down and back directions on the stick.

When I realized Vega can’t be played like everyone else and you have to acquire a different mindset to play him.

When I bought a fightpad. Don’t know why curren-gen can’t do 6 face buttons. Even the genesis got that right.

When I realized taunting makes your opponent more reckless.

Skullgirls tutorial taught me stuff that I could take to other games. Improved my game so much in several different fighters. Same for 3rd Strike.

training mode

My cousin told me to stop jumping around like a dumbass.

When I realised every character in SF4 has Babby-Level execution (Viper and Gen are EZ, Yo) I manned the fuck up and just learned everything. The only thing I stumbled on was links. And that only lasted like 2 months.

OT: Practice.

Playing other fighting games and swiching to Viper. Helped me alot in street fighter 4 i was mainly a defensive player now im an offensive player.

Playing different fighting games and making connections through all of them. You’ll be surprised how many tendencies surpass titles.