What made you love your favourite so much?

As title says, what made you love your favourite character so much? Kick back, tell your stories, get a cup of tea(or whatever you want) and read other while you’re enjoying your cup.

I don’t have a main, don’t assume i do asshole…

gender,speed and fancy combos

yea, thats why i chose hakan. (NOT MY FUCKING MAIN THOUGH)

I like offensive characters and Abel being mixup heavy with a command grab really made me want to play him. His ultra animations looking awesome put Abel on the top for me.

I always like the intimidating/cool looking chars :slight_smile:

Gouken’s great. I like how he’s really heavily underestimated but he has such power at the same time, he had that dark horse appeal. I love how some of his moves and taunts make him stomp the ground and the screen shakes, plus when you’ve got his Alt 2 on he looks like an Earthbender, hahaha. I always have him set to Taunt 9.
Cody has a great voice actor and I like how hard his attacks hit. You can feel the stun piling up on your opponent.
Bison was my first and basically only choice in Super. I loved his Ultra 2 and his voice was really cool, he was just this awesome villain.
Pretty much the same with Seth now, his voice is epic and he has really good potential for combos all over the place with his Hyaretsukyaku, LP Shoryuken and Toe Taps.

as long as there voice is cool your good to go eh?

I chose Gouken, because he’s underused, low tier but still powerful.

It didn’t have anything to do with what combo’s he could or couldn’t do. I choose for preference.
I do like the, “I am the master” feel when i kick arse.

The only thing I would have avoided when choosing would be Hundred Hand Slaps or 360 motions.

When I chose the character that I would be comfortable with going the distance with, I just looked for the character that I found to be fun to play as from a gameplay style and how much I liked the character from an aesthetic standpoint (how much I personally liked the character).
In the end the character that fit this criteria best for me was Dan, as he is just plain fun to play as and to watch, but I will from time to time dabble in other characters that I like such as Dudley, Seth and Akuma.

I like Gouken because although he’s totally ass he can do b.throw into ultra and online it works wonders!

Considering how the answers to this thread have been going so far, as well as the massive amount of players that have been calling for buffs/really happy with his new buffs for version 2012 I wouldn’t say he is exactly underused. =D
He isn’t really played in a competitive environment but he is pretty fun to play.

looked at a tier list. come at me bro:nunchuck:

Daigo, poongko and Fuudo used to use Ryu. I Watched them rape everyone with disgusting combos and decided to main Ryu.

Haha yes, there’s quite a few Goukens hovering around these boards it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

Your probably right in the the competitive circuit, but to be fair the buffs in AE / 2012 had nothing to do with my choosing to main him.
Although i do think that he will become a more used character now.

I’d say Rufus is the one i’ve seen the least, then Gen, (i second him for the same reason as Gouken :wink: )

Ya atleast online, Gouken isn’t really underused (maybe as much as he used to be?). But he definitely is a fun character!

My main is Ryu. He might be one of the most bland characters, and I see him online ALLLL the time, but yet I just enjoy playing him. Also Akuma, but mainly just because I suck and want to get better with him.


My god Akuma has such a sick theme in versus, Seth’s is awsome as well.
Gouken is fun to play mainly due to the fact when you manage to hit someone with him he hits like a 50 kiloton bomb, and that is so damn satisfying.

I saw this mythical jap play this character with the outmost of honor and dignity. Then I decided that I must embody tthat jap and become the ultimate weaboo in his honor.

Low tier also gets my dick real hard. I like the sense of masochism that comes with being a low tier. My ego also told me to play low tier as well. Having random people say nice, xxxxxx, feeds me well.

I play any character that has a fireball and DP, my favs are Ken, Sagat, Seth and Evil Ryu. I don’t particularly like the design of any of these characters I just think they’re easy to pick up and play.

For me, my only and favourite is Cammy. She’s so cute and adorable! No need to mention her perfect body, but her scar and BRITISH ACCENT are two things I most like about her. In fact when I watch replays on youtube, my stomache turns hearing cammy’s voice in JAP, It’s like having sushi in hamburger instead of meat…(omg I’m vomitting!)

About her gameplay, she’s not the best, but certainly I dont care if I lose or win, when I have Cammy with me… She’s the reason I play Street Fighter.