What kind of parts do Tekken players generally prefer?

Most people seem to prefer Japanese parts for SF and U.S. parts for Marvel. I was just wondering what the Tekken community prefers and why.

I think general consensus is Pad (PS2 dualshock) and Sanwa (jlf-balltop). Pad offers some pretty precise movement (I had some serious trouble hitting just diagonals with a certain character, though) and Sanwa’s the standard for a number of games because of it’s square-shaped restriction and highly responsive. One slip in Tekken’ll (or hell in any fighting game) get you killed so you end up needing what you need right then and there.

I do korean myself. Better wavedashes and I got a better grip on the joystick (even on Crown balltops). The buttons aren’t as responsive as Sanwa but they’re a little less tense than Happ so they get the job done nonetheless.

If you’re playing Tekken, pad is the way to go. The game does not have any complicated/precision directional inputs so sticks provide no real advantage there.

Moreover, the games timing for combos is just so damn slow that you cannot mess up unless you’re actively trying to. So again, there’s no need to have 6 face buttons. Your thumb works just fine on the four face buttons the game has.

Dualshock 3 is the way to go.

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DualShock 1

If you aspire to bring the fight to the Japaneses or Koreans, you might want to learn stick so you know how to play on an arcade machine

Okay this is not only not true but is retarded. Electrics,Wavedashing just some examples of basic that require strict timing, Timing on the combos are slow?What fucking weak ass combos are you doing man . This is what I’d imagine some E Gordo button masher to say.

Back to reality Tekken players use either a Korean or Jap parts and some do use a pad but not cause of the retarded reasons stated above.

PS3 Pad for tekken sucks ass yeah. PS2 or PS1. And Ahkeentayway, do 5 EWGF in a combo, then DEWGF, then while you’re at it, I want you to try and do an iSW, otherwise, have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.

i use stick for everything except tekken. for some reason i have an extremely hard time moving around (mole dashing, wave dashing, dash cancel) on stick and doing adjust frames. i’m going to try and use stick for Tekken 6 cause 360 pads are garbage and i got a perfectly good moded SE stick.

that statement about the game having no presice move/complicated combos has to be the most retarded comment i’ve ever heard in my life.

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Just so you know, to be perfectly, absolutely, crystal clear:

You fail at Tekken. Hard.

Tekken with pad is okay for the most part but IMO you should play with 2 fingers on the face buttons rather than your thumb.

Eh, I don’t play Tekken hardcore so yeah perhaps I fail at it, I don’t really care about being good at Tekken, Lol,.

That being said, it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t find the required directional inputs as difficult as 2D fighters.

I beg to differ. Inaccurate? Maybe. The most retarded thing you’ve ever heard … laff you keep telling yourself that.

Yeah no shit it did not change your opinion cause your a fucking dumb shit who opens his retarded mouth without knowing what your talking about.

So why don’t you post in threads you do know something about instead of looking like some trolling homo.

Dualshock plz :tup:

Our local Tekken cab has PS2 controller ports, it is pretty old though.

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As far as arcade parts go:

  • Sanwa JLF SK sticks and Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons are the standard choice of Japan. Note that the OBSN-30’s are a perfect button substitute.
  • MyoungShin Fanta sticks and Crown CWB 203 A buttons are the standard choice of Korea. Note that the CWB 203 C’s are a perfect button substitite.
    Both countries have more history to their preferred parts than just that, but it’s not worth getting into because the above mentioned parts are the current favourites as far as I know. Outside of those two countries, arcade Tekken in general is basically dead, and any last bastions are so few and far between that they can really only be called on an individual basis.

As every Tekken console release thus far has been on a PlayStation system, first-party (official Sony) PS1 and PS2 pads are internationally an extremely popular choice. I don’t think there’s much differentiation between particular models and generations and iterations of that basic design; if you want to get into it though, the really old PS1 pads don’t have analog sticks, and the PS2 pad buttons are made to be pressure-sensitive (obviously that doesn’t matter for Tekken) so they feel a little different. Note that the d-pads on the PS3 controllers do feel different for some reason, and a lot of long-time pad players specifically dislike it. It’s to the extent that many pad players would rather use an older pad with a converter.

The type of motions required in Tekken for high-level execution are much more “paddable” than probably any other serious arcade fighting game out there. I believe that Tekken has a higher proportion of top level players who use pad than any other arcade fighting game that has a large competitive scene. Soul Calibur is probably a close second.

As always though, you can play anything with anything, so it’s really a matter of preference, and very often someone’s personal preference is for what they used first.

well you can play on a pad but i think its better on joysticks cause theres a large number of moves that requires button to be push simultaneously.

I started on a pad for tekken but soon realized stick is the way to go. I cant EWGF/DEWGF on a stick yet but I dont really main mishimas so I wasnt worried about it. iSw becomes a lot easier on stick.

I hate buffering 3 buttons on pad. If Namco made it so you could map 3 or 4 buttons to 1 button, I’d think about switching to pad.

But my movement isn’t as fast on pad as it is on stick. Take your thumb and move it back and forth and take your wrist and move it back and forth. Wrist is so much faster. Taunt (no buffering) > JU is kinda the perfect move to demonstrate why stick is better. But there’s a lot of top players on pad so whatever.

A lot of it depends on which character you main too.

Most top players in the US use a psx pad, dualshock 1 or 2. Asian players use the sticks on their machine. I personally use a stick because of no real reason other than pad makes my thumbs hurt like a mofo.