What Kind of Buttons are in Tekken 5/6 Arcade cab?

I was at the local mall and played around with Tekken 5… or maybe it was 6… i forget… anyhow, I love the buttons on it. So flat, large and with little movement. They were also all a nice shade of red too.

I want to know if these buttons can be bought and if they would fit in the TatvsCapcom fightstick for wii.

What you describe makes me think of Seimitsu buttons. I have a Hori RAP EX-SE and I would describe those buttons as “flat” and little movement.

Can you find a picture of the cab online? If you’re in the US, I’m guessing this was a Chinese knockoff?

I’m relatively certain the official cabinets use Sanwa. I played an official Tekken 5 machine at my local go kart, mini-golf, arcade place and it was Sanwa.

Here’s a video of a T6 cabinet and you can see it has Sanwa Dark Hai buttons and JLF sticks w/ yellow 24mm buttons: http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/26732

I think they are sanwa. My local arcade(peter pan) has a tekken 6 cab.

What kind of sticks do they have in T6 cabinets?

When I played on one, it seemed much stiffer than a JLF.

Japanese cabinets have Sanwa parts.

Korean cabinets have Korean (durr) parts.

Oftentimes, Sanwa have balltops and Korean have battops.

On all Tekken cabs I’ve seen, they use Sanwa.