What K Groove team would you recommend?

What’s up everyone, i’m a long time player of CvS 2, but new to this site. I’m planning to play this game professionally, but I need help making a team. As you can tell from the name, I am a huge Joe fan, and I love using him in K groove. Problem is, the other characters aren’t exactly compatible with K groove, so i’m in a bit of a mess.

My question is: What team would you suggest that includes Joe? Would Joe be good (and when I say good, I mean good enough to get me somewhere in tournaments) in any other groove? if so, what team should I use in that groove?

P.S I am not an A groove player, which is arguably Joe’s best groove.

I would suggest K-Joe, Cammy, and Ken. I used to use that team and they flowed pretty well for me. Another team could be N-Joe, Guile, and Mai/Terry.

Thanks a lot man, I will try them.

Quick question though, what about Rock? I swear he’s top tier in K groove

I dunno. I also heard he’s either top or hirh-mid tier in K, bit I don’t know how to use him anymore since I started playing Terry and I used rock in N-groove also (level 4’s ftw).
I could see Rock being a thug in K though. He has decent power, his specials are strong and shining knuckle can connect off alot of his normals (sort of like Terry’s level 3 buster wolf). You could decinatrly abuse the hell out of his block strings since you do more guard damage when raged (land one poke into shining knuckle and you pretty much win that round). That’s all I can think of right now, so take that and do what you want with it.

k-rock is high-mid tier, imo k-joe is decent but a character is only as good as its player, so if your game plan is solid enough then your Joe will look amazing to the spectators when you get wins with Joe. I sugguest K-Joe, Cammy, Sagat R2. I’m not saying Sagat cause hes top tier but because he is a solid character to depend on.


A lot of it comes from how a player actually plays Rock. Mixup, mindgames, zoning, etc. Check out players like OTK and Deshigitsune.

Joe is one of the characters I use most when I play around… I use him with my “K-Southtown” team. XD (Joe/Terry/Rock r2)

Ok, to make things easier for myself, what team in each groove would I stand the best chance with? being an sf3 player, I realize mind games, zoning, etc. play a big factor, but at the moment i’m looking for characters.

That’s a hard question to answer. It’s kind of a personal preference thing if you’re looking for characters, but I’m always willing to help someone out so here goes:

K-Groove: Maki, Geese, Terry, Joe, Rugal, Ken, Rock, Sagat, Balrog/Bison, Athena, Ryo, Benimaru

C-Groove: Terry, Joe, Rugal, Ken, Sagat, Blanka, Vega/Balrog, Athena, Mai, Vice, Ryo, Todo, Guile, Dhalsim, Eagle

A- Groove: Sakura, Bison/Vega, Geese, Vice, Rolento, Rock, Blanka, Vega/Balrog, Ryo, Eagle

N-Groove: Joe, Ken, Blanka, Chun-Li, Hibiki, Iori, Bison/Vega, Geese, Rugal, Vice, Terry, Rock, Sagat, Vega/Balrog, Balrog/Bison, Akuma, Athena, Mai, Guile, Yamazaki, King

That’s all I got.:wasted:

Is that in order of “best” to “worst”, or random names?

That shit is random son! You know how I do.:rofl:

lol thanks man, appreciate it.


Why don’t more people play characters like Ryo and Kim? I like them personally, they seem alright, but b4 I main “dead beat” characters, I would like to know their disadvantages.

Can’t help you there. I like to use Ryo. He has good moves, and I’ve gotten pretty decent at “keeping my bubble” if you will. My friend is pretty good with Kim. Kim is like Guile, but cooler. Kim can’t apply the same pressure as Guile since he doesn’t have projectiles. If you like the characters then use them and make whoever you play fear them. Not everyone has to play top tier characters.

You bring up a good point. I used to take ssbm super seriously, and with ssbm, if u don’t use top tier, you’re basically screwed. Now i’m back to Street Fighter - style games and I can use who I like and win… thank God.

P.S. Do you know any players who play Dan Hibiki seriously?

My same friend uses Dan from time to time. He uses his lk flying kick move on the way down from jumps cuz it has decent block stun and cross-up abilities. Flying Dan is annoying to fight cuz he flies around alot (obviously). He also plays a mean Yuri (lol).

Alright, after a lot of thought, i’ve made my team:


Joe R2

Comments? Advice?

Sagat R2 ‘cuz it’s fuckin’ Sagat, why would you not have him R2? Joe should probably be R1 'cuz he can be more annoying and you can play him the way you want to play him.

I guess you bring up a good point… I just put Joe as R2 because he’s my strongest link and best character overall.

How I would construct a K-Groove team

I play my R2 character (in K-Groove) in the 3rd slot.

My 1st character would be one that is good for “feeling out” an opponent. A character suited COMPLETELY around defensive or rushdown play but one you wouldn’t give R2. Guile, Hibiki and Zangief are good examples of the former; Nakoruru, Rolento and Cammy are good examples of the latter.

My 2nd character would be Joe. My reasoning is this: Joe imo is more of a striking/zoning character than a rushdown character, esp. since he can’t combo his specials off of more than one poke, and his only legit super combo string is c.lk, c.lk. xx QCF-HCB+P. His normals (esp. the kicks) have good range and damage, the tiger kick has good priority, and his overhead kick special is a good mix-up move w/ crouch-guarding spammers.

Imo, with a striking character such as Joe, Chun-Li, Ryo, etc., you want to have a feeling of how your opponent plays before you use them, because starting with these characters w/o a proper counter-strategy in place can result in these character getting owned, and players saying they suck.

My 3rd character would be whoever gets R2. Simple as that. :sunglasses: