What is Zbattle/Kaillera/Chankast?

what is it?
i wanna know how to play you guys online,
can someone explain how i can get started?

Kaillera is a program that’s used with Mame, Kawaks and other emulators that basically lets you play the games you have on those emus online with others.

Zbattle is the same, except it’s used with ZSNES, a SNES emulator.

Both shouldn’t be hard to find anywhere. Try kaillera.net

Chankast is a DC emu.

will kailerra work with neorage?
assuming your answer is yes,
if i have neorage and you have kawaks,
can we still play each other?

You both must use the same emulators otherwise the game will dysnc and you won’t be able to play.

so what do most people use?

mame .64

will that play all the neo geo games?
such as rage of the dragons, garou, kof2k2,2k3, real bout 2, last blade, power instinct?

if you have the neo geo bios, yes it will

im having trouble finding MAME .64 hint hint

google it


thanks man
none of these other pricks would hook me up

where do i store the roms?
there’s no rom folder in MAME

Tell you what I’ll do. Tomorrow morning when I get off work (I’m home for lunch atm) I’ll make and sticky a MAME tutorial.

that would be awesome
and appreciated

It’ll have to wait just a little while. I’ve been REAL busy today. I’ll probably have it up tomorrow.

almost done?

Make a folder called roms in the Mame directory. Run mame and click the options tab, then click directories. Click browse and select the ‘roms’ folder you made in the mame directory.

Press F5, to make game you have appear in the list

how hard can emulators be to figure out yourself if you actually took the time to try?

I mean I figured it out myself when I was just a lil kid, I’m sure you can figure it out on your own now…

yo when i run a rom
it just does matrix shit with all these numbers and stuff

You’re not jacked in fool. Drill a hole in the back of your head, and stick the power cord in.