What is your training regimen with Sagat?

I’m learning Sagat and my spacing/zoning sucks. What do you guys do in training mode to practice those and everything else?

Sorry for my bad english.

Thats one of those things which IMO you learn outside training mode, by actually playing matches and getting a feel for when you should and when you shouldnt throw fireballs, and when you should anti air with DP or kara DP or st.hk

The only thing I really practice in training mode apart from hit confirms is block strings ending in Tiger Knee, trying to keep them as smooth as possible.

To practice zoning you’ll have to practice against people although online 80% of the time you don’t actually have to zone since people will just jump into uppercuts all by themselves.

There are ways to practice sagat zoning I’m training room but it’s not as good as trying it out against real competition imo.

My training regime includes practicing bnb for a while, trying to get them to work 20 times in a row and if I fail I restart the count.

Then I practice Kara ranges on reaction to jumps for a while.

Then I practice counter hit combos for a while with the dummy set to random block and counter hit.

Then I practice reactionary u2

Finally I freestyle for a bit at the end.

This is probably the most frustrating for me. I don’t get enough practice for zoning and fundamentals because 80% of the time I’m just waiting for them to jump. So when I do get someone that respects my AA game I don’t have enough experience to keep them from walking me down.

Thank you guys.

How do you practice kara ranges on reaction to jumps and reactionary u2?

Yeah, you’re gonna have to play games for that. I’ve been messing with Sagat a bit. My AA game is on point 90% of the time, Sagat is a little bit different when it comes to Zoning.

I main Bison so his movement is the complete opposite of what I’m used to.