What is your setup for Dart Shot > Super?

(I’m hoping “Dart Shot” is Dudley’s over-head punch, toward RH. I don’t know the names of moves :confused: just went off what others said lol.)

Now that I’m finally getting the timing down for the execution of this combo, I’m curious to know what others use to setup for it in actual matches.

While I usually think to use this on the fly, I currently have three setups when I want to plan to use it. One requires them to not know me at all lol, the other two seem fine on some, not so great on others.

I find on getup or pressure situations if I throw a c.short > Dart Shot > super it tends to do well. I also have begun to use a jump in, if they don’t parry, go directly to Dart Shot since most tend to duck off the initial block. The third I’ve been using works great if people don’t know any better lol. I just do say, c. strong or s. roundhouse > duck and roll move > Dart Shot. Problem is after the duck and roll you can be so easily stopped with either a throw or a jab that I often get stuffed against people who know any better. While on the other hand players who block without thinking get hit all day.

If you guys have some setups you’re willing to share I’m all ears… er… eyes. Or if you got advice for stuff I curently do, please leme know.

Thanks in advance.

yeah- you don’t really want to do the overhead after a duck under because people will either want to throw or block high (I don’t know why they block high most of the time, they just do.) I usually twd.mk or s.hk x duck under for throw setups- or right after I duck under I short swing blow to bait their throw.

But as far as overheads are concerned, whiffing twd.mk is good on their wake up. You can mix it up with a lot of stuff- short swing to bait throws, short short, or overhead. Tick overhead is good too (like you mentioned), but mix it up with other normals as well to keep it less predictable.

You can also mix the overhead with a few other hit confirms. You can do lk, mk- and if they block that do twd mk immediately afterwards. If they block that you can overhead because after those blocks they might decide to block low.

Make sure you keep it random and unpredictable- and don’t use the overhead too much or less they’ll smell it coming.

Good advice, thanks man.

Walk up Dart Shot.

I’m serious.

Knock them down, and just walk towards them, dart shot.

People are deathly afraid of dudley on wake up. Use it.

Another one i stole from Victoly, works on shotos i believe, dunno about everyone else.

(I use rocket uppercut a lot so thats what my example is gonna be)

Land super on them anywhere in mid screen, on landing from rocket, rh ducking, sj over their body while whiffing rh, you’ll cross over, and do dart shot. Vic did it against frankie3s in his requirem vid, check it out.

You can do it after most moves actually, as long as they dont roll. In tourney play it seems to work more, since people are a bit defensive. At a ranbat i played a Ken, had me down to about 10% life, he was at 70 or so, got short, short super, and did that setup, he ate the dart shot, super, gg.

Lol nice comeback. Yeah I do remember seeing that actually. I think there’s a good setup on Alex as well that’s like that. Thanks for the tips.

just dont do it after certain knockdowns when they can get up fast enough to throw you out of it, dont overestimate peoples getting up speed, it can messup that shit alot, i get overzealous with c.rh sometimes in situations like that too, and get hit out of it.

basically use it whenever you think they will block low lol, its versatile like that, just dont get too predictable. dont forget about short short super.

i’m still not seeing why the sj dart shot setup is so good. Is it similar to kens ambiguous crossup?

It’s just that you cross them up and then as they see that you’ve crossed 'em up, dart shot is heading their way… and once they figure it out, you could mix it up with c.short or something.

  1. Whats the pt of crossing them up? Couldn’t you just dash up right next to them and dart shot?

  2. and why does it only work on shotos? i’m guessing they get up at just the right speed? i.e chun gets up too slow for the “surprise factor” or…???

  3. why bother whiffing RH at all? seems like dudley can cross up a grounded opponent fine with just a super jump?

i’m hella confused…epsilon or suupa can you guys clarify a bit more?

Well for me, I whiff the rh because it’s an attack, that if they wake up and miss the parry timing, can hit meaty into another combo. So most people, who have a defensive state of mind, and are usually scared of j. rh, they try and avoid it. And since they get crossed up, the best defensive move of course is down+back, as a knee jerk reaction. So there goes the the dart shot, and there goes their life.

You can probably do it against anyone…but the timing would just have to be altered a bit, and other characters have other things they could do. Like say you tried and do a cross up like that on chun, you could eat EX SBK, and if you block, unless you’re really fast, there isn’t much that damaging you can do. And with shotos, theres wake up shoryu, and that’s a very big risk for them, because if you block that, thats free combo time for you. But of course, everyone can throw, where you could mix it up, knockdown, crossup, short swing blow xx super.

I hope that helped you understand it better, it is like 3:45 am, i could be making absolutely no sense right now.

No, its not nearly as good as Ken’s ambiguous crossup, that can be used a lot, this can’t be abused like that, but it can be very useful.

ok i see now. this plays on ppl’s tendencies to block low after getting crossed up. I’m familiar with how ken does this, didn’t know Dudley had a similar trick.

thx a lot.

No, what vic did was rh ducking, dash, then jump or superjump (don’t remember which…)

Also, I like c.short xx duck, dart shot, but I don’t use it much 'cause it’s not hard to catch on to. Stay out of throw range though, so many people throw after duck.

Oh that’s right, he sure did dash. Lol I dash every time too, totally forgot about that for some reason. Thanks.

Theres a dud dash tutorial at combovideos.com, check that to learn all the tricky do-dahs. To be honest, this stuff rarely works for me. It’s good to know though.

By the way, suppaa made mince meat outta me with his dartshot super when i first played him. His advice has gotta be somewhat legit.

Am I the only one that finds dart shot xx super is probably the hardest thing to do with dud? I’ve been practicing and that is just one super cancel I can’t do for the life of me.

Dart Shot --> super is a link, not a super cancel. Links require different timing than normal super cancelled combos. Try drumming the punch buttons, and try to get used to the Dart Shot hit animation, it helps.

c.short tick, dart shot super.

super -> rose -> then: nothing and throw, dartshot, c.lk X 2, f+mk, c.hk, etc etc.

my setups in those situations are usually random, being random can be very good but you gotta controll your randomness.

man i just realized this is an old thread… im stoppin for now

No one here listen to suupa he mashes roundhouse and guess parries all day.

fucking scrub.

you show me one dudley who doesn’t mash roundhouse from time to time, and i’ll show you a loser.