What is your fighting style with guile and why is best

my fighting style is offense , and defense. i like offense because guile have different unpredictable punch and kicks.

what is this I dont even…

My fighting style is Horse Fighting Style. I like this style cos Guile gallops when he walks back and he can SH while galloping.

“What’s your style?”

“The art of fighting… without fighting.”

If you’ve never seen this movie… shame on you.

I fight to not lose, which eventually leads to me winning.

Check my sig if you need a clue at to what my fighting style is. Though these days when I play someone who loves to hit buttons, I tend to go on the offense to force mistake out of them, then I go into turtle mode hardcore. But it all kind of depends on who I’m playing. I have yet to meet anyone who can out turtle me.

u should b fun to play with i could try my new style with u. no sonic boom or flash kick add me streetprodigy11

try it on me, lol.

FYI branh0913 is indeed The Turtle Master. lol, nice signature Brahn0913

I like the sound of being an offensive turtle.

ok tonight i will , u and me are like rival lmao… no sonic boom or flash kick. i should atleast win a round . como esta primo…

I going for #1 psn guile BP spot, watch out.lol

lol well i see u on ranks … let it b the best rival fight ever … pitt84 is head of u lol… is on primo… lol …

Nomore guile im so sad lol thanx monsterer u hurt me lol . good i just wanted to proove a point . you change ur style on rank but on endless u play with more skill , like crazy skill lol good guile next time i rip u apart lol… had alot on my head no excuse u do have skill … 4 day vacation for guile to see u going to drop me … i will train offline well good night … monsterer have a beast guile… later

Man, so off I went to fight my last match on ranked and this decent abel shows up who manages to beat me round 1, I ate a careless breathless. anyways, round number 2 starts and I am using my lamest guile just to see the end of round two getting lagged to death, round 3 starts and nothing changes, I back up to wait for the lag to finish and nothing, this guy comes rush hardcore and he is able to actually execute his special moves, I die. -120 point for each PP and BP. Summary, the points I got from evilguile1985 are now in the lagger hands.

Do some people use lag switches or something? it looked so damn obvious.

what about pitt84? I know he is ahead of me.

I change style? so am I better when playing endless? or ranked? in ranked I feel alot better because the game has no watchers and there is less lag, I am able to actually play and execute moves better. In endless, the room gets packed and I cant do really well.

yes u do primo u change style when u in rank. on endless u r a beast, i should hit the lab odee just to face u again. lol in endless u more offense u attack odee. but on rank u just play the lame game, like odee is like is not even u playing … look at the replay and u will understand what i mean. you are a deep guile looking forward to fight again… i need to train for u , and give u all i got … nice guile primo…odee on my pp , need to fight over 350 match to get it back lol. when u r in rank A or A+ people dont choice u … see u in a week.

When are you going to play me?