What is your favorite fighting game developer?

If you were to give an award to the best fighting game developer which company would it be and why is that developer your favorite?


DiveKick is amazing. I feel sorry for everyone that hasn’t played it. Shit is legit.

Arc System Works hands down
2nd place would go for the DiveKick team

Reverge Labs because they have a brilliant Russian scientist who makes some of the best choices when it comes to fighting games.

Just to make the boring choice, SNK. Doubly so because they just… keep… hurting me and apparently I’m into that.

Capcom. Cause you know, it’s cute to watch a baby stumble over and over before he finally starts walking

Arc System Works

Props to SNK and Reverge Labs though. The former still knows how to make a good old school fighter and the latter deserves extra praise for their open dialogue with the community. SNK needs to use their other IP more and Reverge still has a long way to go before they are up there with the more seasoned fighting game companies.

That would be a good analogy if Capcom weren’t one of the oldest fighting game companies out there.

Nintendo. Kappa.

I’ve only played fighters from Nintendo, Namco and Capcom, with the exception of Skullgirls but I gave that up in less than 3 days…

Out of those 3 I’d go for Namco.

SNK for many games and what I consider the best 2d Fighter.
Capcom would be 2nd.

Many others have put out 1 or more good games, but these two have put out most of my favorites.

Its cheating to list two, but maybe Namco instead, as I think back, I’ve liked their games *consistently, *which I can’t necessarily say about the others.

Arc System Works years ago, Examu over the past 4 years.

Actually, Hudson. Bloody Roar was the shit

Namco is most consistent as far as overall quality.

NetherRealm is the most interesting and will probably push the genre forward (just a guess based on their design philosophy). I suppose they’re currently my favorite because I don’t know which direction they’ll go, and I’m a sucker for novelty.

Arc System Works

Hands down.

Arc System Works.

No contest.

The tournament community.

Namco Bandai. They been consecutively good through out the years and haven’t made as many screw ups like some other fighting game devs.


Capcom before 2003